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  1. Hello Everyone, I live in south Florida and I have a few kits still in boxes I would like to sell so I can make room for smaller scales. I have the following kits: Emerson Row Lisa's Cottage ( I have three of these, 2 sealed in box, one I opened the box but never took it out) Brimble's Mercantile Willowcrest Fantasy Craft - Craftsman Porch & Cottage (bought loose kit on ebay but never built) Local pickup preferred. Thanks, Jennybee
  2. jennybee

    witch at work

    Love the grumpy mandrake!
  3. You have both 1/24 and 1/4?? Meee tooo I am working on the small one right now! I can't wait to see what you do with it in half scale....
  4. This looks great so far Jane, I love the wonky roof and ya know unfinished projects are like dust bunnies...yep...
  5. jennybee


    Beautiful work Jo! I love all the details in each of your characters. I have two dolls my mother made for me and probably the only ones she will ever make (in 1/12 size) and I have yet been brave enough to dress them. I keep hoping at one of the shows I'll find a booth that has all the little findings for them...
  6. Aww this make me want to nuke peeps in the microwave!! But really soo cute and tiny!!
  7. Awesome! When i saw your wall it reminded me of Mrs. Figg...
  8. What a great looking bathroom. All the details you added makes it soo warm and inviting! I so really need to get another one of those bathroom kits.
  9. jennybee

    Jane Graber Pottery

    OOhh very nice and such great kids!! Congrats
  10. jennybee

    ranch 20

    Ohh I like the sneak peak into the kitchen!
  11. jennybee

    1:24 Puppy Moose Bed

    Shut the front door!! Jane that is awesome!
  12. I just finished a mini scene with a little resin house I got a while back. The whole thing fits in one of those acrylic holders for a baseball. I think its officially the smallest scene I have done. So that's one completed project for 2015 right? I have a feeling the next project will take longer. lolol
  13. I love how you made these leaded windows! Soo realistic.
  14. Even for half scale it does look huge!
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