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antique dollhouses


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I finally found something I had been hunting for, good pictures of the dollhouses at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

I went to add the link to my dollhouse tour webpage, but the darn page wouldn't load properly and kept freezing my computer up. I did what any other obsessive person would do, I went somewhere else and redid the whole bloomin' page.

Here's the new site for the Great Global 24 hour Dollhouse Tour. The Victoria and Albert link is the first one, please note, when you get to the museum site type dolls house in the box to see them. Dollhouse will get you nowhere.


Also for history fans and those who just want to make a Victorian or Tudor or whatever dollhouse or whomever happens to be bored and killing time, I've been adding to my history links page


and my Victorian decorating page.


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Grazhina, I have been using that V and A search site for years. It is amazing. You can see all of their furniture and costumes among other things. I sometimes go there and just put in a word or two to see what it will come up with. It's one of the best reference sites around for miniaturists!

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I'd been looking for those dollhouses for a while, but got a bum steer that only led me to one picture each and descriptive text about the houses. I was happy to finally find them.

Here's a little tidbit, when all those antique dollhouses and furniture went up for sale on ebay a year or two ago, I saved pictures of every single thing. I believe they were from Flora Gill Jacobs collection. I still haven't gone through them all, they're on a disc.

Antique dollhouses, I love them.

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