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    I have the attention span of a 6 year old, so I am interested in whatever catches my eye at any given moment. My favorites are miniatures, all kinds of needlework, beadwork, cartonnage and polymerclay.<br />I make most all of my own miniature furniture and accessories.<br /><br />I have taught classes in miniature and worked as a restorer of antique dollhouses for a local museum for several years.

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  1. I have a set of Encyclopedia Britannica from 1903. They were my grandfather's and I wouldn't cut them up for anything! I still take them out and read them once in a while. It is interesting to see what they thought of the world back then. If I ever run across newer ones I would like to try a room box. Until then, I will just be satisfied to snuggle up with my cat and read the old ones. G
  2. My workroom is in a continual state of cleaning. I put it on my blog about once a month, so that I will guilt myself into cleaning it. I usually tie a rope around an ankle before interning. Maybe I should change to once a week! If you want to see it just poke My Blog changes daily, below my signature. I think that I just put it on a few days ago.
  3. I have used plain old Elmer's for over 30 years and have never lost a brick or stone yet.
  4. Great idea Lawanda! I am going to have to start looking at my Goodwill stores. Nifty tool!
  5. Most of my builds were uninhabited until about eight years ago. I had sculpted people for others, but none for myself. Then Tessie came along. She took over everything. Every time I build something, she thinks it's hers. It's difficult living with a five an a half inch witch that wants it all! Right now I am working on some wicker pieces and she is busy making plans for which of "her" buildings they should go in. She has just about taken over my blog too. If you want to see what she is up to, just poke "my blog changes daily" below my name.
  6. For the past several years, theater trays have been my weapon of choice for slate and other stonework. They are free in any theater here in Tucson. They take paint well and are easily cut with a good pair of scissors. There are lots of examples on my blog. Hit the URL below my signature to find examples. "My blog changes daily",below. Look under stonework in the sidebar.
  7. One thing I do to keep track of my stuff. I put a category on my Pinterest site. It is "My minis on Pinterest". Every time I find one of my photos on a site, I add it to that category. There are quite a few. The result? I have run across two people that have my blog as a category on their Pinterest site! It's kind of cool to find people that are respectful. I have only found one that didn't lead back to my site.
  8. I have gotten into the habit of waking up about three in the morning. I immediately start planning what to work on in the morning. Sometimes it lasts until the alarm sounds. Other times it is restful and puts me back to sleep. Either way, it helps my mini day! Matt, that is a great kit. How old is it and who made it? Do you know? Can't wait to see what you do with it!
  9. I am working on a conservatory right now. I'm making wisteria and using Bunka, parts of fake bouquets and branches from my Rosemary plants. I am also using some real succulents. Mother of Millions is one kind that works well. If you don't water them a lot, they stay small. If you want to see, go look on my blog. Poke 'my blog changes daily'. You will have to search "conservatory".
  10. When I first started doing serious minis, I used to go to the same restaurant for Sunday breakfast. I told the waitress about my minis and asked her to save me sone of the cream containers to make lampshades... Big mistake!!! The following Sunday the waitress came to the table with a very LARGE trash bag full of empty creamers! There must have been at least 500 or more. I politely thanked her and saved five when I got home... Needless to say, I didn't mention anything else to the waitress that I needed. I learn fast!
  11. Sharon, I carved the bed and dressing table in Miss Marple's room and any wicker that you see in the cottage. I was just starting out in wicker. I actually unraveled Penelope needlepoint canvas to get the thread to do it! Not my best work, but Pam encouraged me and I got better at it. Unless someone replaced the pieces, those are mine. The last time I saw photos they were still there.
  12. Hi! I am one of the people that worked with Pam on that house and a few others. I did some carved pieces of bedroom furniture and the wicker. I had a tape. I haven't seen it in years. We no longer have a tape player. I was happy to find out where it landed. I also did people for several of her builds, but not that one. She already had Miss Marple commissioned when I met her. Thank you, Sharon, for the information. We have the English Pub here in Tucson, at the Mini Time Machine, museum of miniatures. Plus a couple of other pieces that Pam did. She was a wonderful miniaturist. I m
  13. A friend gave me a beautiful terrarium on a stand. I immediately put away the antique store and started turning the terrarium into a conservatory for Tessie. It is all on my blog. If you want to see just push "my blog changes daily" below. Be sure to keep scrolling down. I am having a great time with it so far. Much more than the antique store!
  14. Thanks Gina. I am happy that you are enjoying it.
  15. I am the above mentioned "Casey". The addy for my blog is below my signature. Just hit "my blog changes daily". I have several entries that are on making curtains. They are fairly easy to do and there is no sewing involved. Glue, hairspray and a pin board made of ceiling tile and you can make any style you want. And they look real. Just put curtains in the search box on the right side and hit older posts at the bottom of each page that comes up.
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