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I'm trying to pick up the pace on the construction of the Beacon Hill, it's been slow so far but I finally began gluing the house together and can now move on to the design choices for my interiors. I had to order new doors for the house since the ones from my kit were damaged (bad plywood surface), got pre-built ones to save costs (wood + hinges) but in turn I had to modify the openings for them to fit (if you ever plan on building this house: test the doors before you glue the walls in!). I've also modified the walls in this area: changed the position of the 'kitchen' door, drilled in new tabs on the floor and changed the shape of the walls, so this corridor and the 'living room' (right) with have a rectangle shape.

Now I need to finish the stairs, wallpaper this room and finish the ceiling portion between the stairs and front door before I glue the front tower wall in. This means I have to do a lot of design choices now that I won't be able to change later. Thanks to advice from other builders I have cut the tabs on the stairs so now they are sliding in and out really well, they are still in dry fit at the moment: I'm in the process of testing wood stains, not sure if I'll stick to dark walnut or finish with a mahogany coat? I was a bit undecided if I should use red or turquoise wallpaper here, with this one perhaps dark wallnut will look better? For the floors, I'm thinking parquet in either cherry or light mahogany as main color. I'm also considering adding wainscot to the walls and a decorative pediment over the doors. 


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22 minutes ago, 1martinimomma said:

Yeah, you got the stairs in.  Loving your wallpaper choice for this area.  It looks GREAT!

Yes the assembly fits in really nice now, thank you! I will need to remove it to apply the varnish and such, I'll glue it to the base later ;)

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6 hours ago, rbytsdy said:

Love the wallpaper-- art nouveau?

If I'm not mistaken it's a William Morris design from the Arts and Crafts period (mid to late 1800s), in the Morris & Co Volume IV the pattern name was "Honeysuckle & Tulip". Later on during the art nouveau period the wall decorations used a bit more simple patterns, their decoration was heavier on other elements. I got this lovelly print from Itsy Bitsy wallpapers (code: 1667). ;)

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On 22/04/2017, 13:52:15, Debora59 said:

I have been admiring your stain work. Your stain looks great with the wallpaper,

Thank you ;) I use water based stain, very easy to mix and adjust the color. I usually apply 2 or 3 coats with a brush and let each dry well for at least a day, this allows for the color to spread 'evenly' across the surface. Later I will apply a varnish/sealant to protect it. 

21 hours ago, MikeUK said:

Nice to see glue on your fingers again Ashly and what a great start too.........You are going to dazzle yet again!

Indeed! It's been on 'dry fit' stage for a couple of months now, so not much to show yet... I also upgraded my electric tools so hopefully I can work a bit faster now ;)

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How exciting!  Love the wallpaper (and I agree it's William Morris - big fan!), and it's interesting how you do the stain.  I will need to try that technique.  I am often not happy with how things look stained.  Looking forward to seeing more!

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Thank you :) The final coat on the stairs will look a bit more 'mahogany' than in this picture. I was testing the colors next to the veneers I will use for the floors, it was asking for a bit more 'red'. I am quite fond of stains, sometimes I get a piece of furniture with broken parts but can't find the same type of wood to 'patch' the damage (specially if it's something exotic like holy or rose wood)... next best thing is to try to 'masquerade' the replacement part to look as close as possible, lol. It's a bit tricky to stain plywood, some areas are a bit more permeable than others but I hope the finish will do the trick.

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On 03/08/2017, 15:01:33, pgwyn said:

Amazing detail on the ceiling.  What did you use to make it?  

Hi, sorry for the late reply, which ceiling you mean? If it's the one in the living room it's all plaster. I applied spackle over the wood, sanded it smooth, then glued the cast components and filled in the gaps. 

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