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  1. While searching for dollhouse kits locally (which includes my entire state! Woah!) I found somebody selling this already built but (a little) damaged Foxhall Manor by Real Good Toys. The shingles are broken, but terrible so they are coming off. The conservatory was painted a bright yellow so I'm going to both tone It down with some white paint, and place a very high wainscotting trim on the room. On the room It looks like spilled white paint (or maybe? glue). There are broken stairs, rails in the Grand Hall. It looks like real sized carpet was used. All I can see however is The Potential: I've got this hand crafted doll by an I.G.M.A. Artist named Eliza and this is going to be her home. I'm thinking of painting the roof black and later shingling it. The house either a dusky lavender or a dusky rose pink. Black trim. Dark grey and deep cream for accent colors. Only Artisan pieces and furniture inside this home! I cannot wait to start collecting, but I first must finish some Layaways in 1:24 scale. Already an Artisan member here has offered me a stunning rug that will have the pride of place in one of the rooms. It's going to take years, but it will be beautiful when it's finished. It needs Help and LOVE! But it is only: $40! I'm stunned. Going to hopefully pick it up next week. My friend is going to be taking me over to get it. I know that it is HUGE (it comes with the Conservatory and the two-story addition, but the staircases are missing, plus the (looking at the front) left side front-opening door. I've measured my desk: it fits! But only a foot more in length is available to work. I'm cleaning up my Craft Room this week and getting ready to bring my find home hopefully next week. I'm so THRILLED! There are Members that find these incredible Dollhouses for incredible prices, but I NEVER dreamed that I could ever be one.
  2. Here is the front: The tan shingles & the exterior of the roof: The interior: The inside foyer with broken and various pieces:
  3. Next week I'm hoping my Big (Someday Soonish) Beauty will be home, and into my Craft Room ready for me to begin. First it will be sanding down that blue paint, taking a good primer to recover it or possibly a nice textured spray paint with the trim tapped off with some nice blue painting tape to protect the areas that I want to (for now) keep white. Then those shingles need to come off. Human sized carpeting is the next to go. Then some sanding that yellow Conservatory. A whitewash to help, and later tall wainscotting. Choosing between dusky lavender and a dusky rose pink for the main house exterior, and then planning which room is what for the interior. I'm going to need to contact Real Good Toys for the missing left front-opening door, as well as both staircases, the exterior trim pieces, and also the windows as well as doors. Decorating will be half the fun! I cannot wait to begin!
  4. I have been making modern miniature furniture for the past 25 years (I was one of the first to specialise in modern miniatures) and our company, ELF Miniatures, has clients all over the world. Yet we regularly get emails from people who have only just discovered our website....so I thought it might be an idea to share our URL for anyone who isn't familiar with what we do, but is interested in modern minis. You can find us here http://www.elfminiatures.co.uk/. I do custom orders, but also produce loads of kits, which are very popular too. We feature lots of our clients' photos of their finished rooms, some with our custom work, others with rooms they've created with our kits, so there's plenty to inspire as well! I've attached here just a couple of things we do which are very popular
  5. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Just a very small update on the Beacon Hill, unfortunately my restoration work has been taking most of my time and left very little oportunity to work on my hobbies, but I do hope to catch up later this year. The construction pieces are mostly sorted and prepared, but I'd rather work on the assembly when I have time to regularly check on it. In the meantime I've worked on this set of chairs and table for the dinning room, bought them separately in raw wood but I think the design ended up matching quite well. Here's a little furniture test for the Beacon Hill parlour area, I'm happy the modifications gave me all this extra room to play around with furniture but still I wish I had a bit extra space haha. The sideboard and cabinet are from the Bespaq Armorial set, I have some assorted pieces I use as "displays" for my collection of miniature porcelain and glass inside my large cabinets. These two suit the room nicely I think, and unlike other pieces I've tried the sideboard actually fits inside the bay window. I haven't changed the decorations inside the cabinet which is full of Reutter miniatures, I'll rearange everything after the house is finished. The decorations on the table were displayed with a diferent set, I've picked the green dishes and a matching carpet because I'm thinking of decorating this room with a "green" theme. You may recognize the silver pieces, they are from artists Peter Acquisto and Dmitry Shevchenko, I've noticed Dmitry recently posted on this forum and I must say I've been a fan of his work for some time. I specially love his cuttlery sets, so detailed and delicate, and the 5 arm candelabra is probably one of my favorite pieces from his collection. Recently I've bought these green mini wax candles from clare bell which go really nice with the candelabra, I'll definitely get more for other candle holders they smell so nice too! The sofa set is a work from the talented Jill Diane I had in my mini art collection. I wasn't planning on using them in a dollhouse setting, but I really like the green fabric and delicate decorations so I'm feeling a bit tempted to move them here, it adds to the "french" vibe of this house hehe. Not sure about the paintings, I might need a mirror for the fireplace but I want to add a bit of decor on the pannels. I will also need green curtains for the windows, either short ones or falling all the way to the floor. I hope you enjoy this mini preview, I really miss working on my Beacon Hill. Sadly large houses take almost as much time as real size furniture, and I've had plenty of that to work on latelly *sigh*. I should have picked a smaller project at this time, but I will eventually get back to work in this house. Hope you all had wonderful holidays, I'll try to catch up with the updates I've missed and wish you an excellent new year full of mini wonders
  6. Samusa

    Bunny Bear - 1

    From the album: Mini purchases

    Just showing off my precious Bunny Bear. I bought her at the recent local miniature show. She is sooo adorable, I love her! (I've decided she's a "her" because she has floral fabric on her paws? feet? Whatever... they're cute what ever they are.) I've decided to call her April.
  7. From the album: Mini purchases

    Finally got around to taking some pictures of my Sunstar Morris Minor. Upstairs Guy and Girl are pretty proud of it. I chose the lilac 1,000,000th edition because it seems like a colour a woman of independent means and slight eccentricity would have chosen in 1960's San Francisco. "The Great Aunt purchased it in 1961, when it was released in only one colour (lilac) to celebrate the 1 millionth morris rolling off the assembly line. It's sat under covers in the garage since she stopped driving in her early 80's."
  8. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    The progress on the exterior so far. I had a few days off so I tried to get as much work done on the structure as possible, I'm happy it's finally starting to look like a house I'm currently working on the rest of the windows, because I'm using diferent colors it takes a really long time as I have to paint the trims before assembling. When I'm done I'll wallpapper the rest of the house, add the windows and remaining sinding, and then resume work on the interiors. The dormer windows.... are a real headache to put together. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it so that I can get a smooth curve, seams really hard to acomplish that with the window in place. I haven't glued the roof of the tower, I'll probably leave it like that to be easier to work. I haven't done any modification to this roof, I like it the way it is, I think I will have fun decorating it as the ceiling for the third floor hall.
  9. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I wanted to test the color I had picked for the siding, I was undecided between this dark magenta or dark plum. I thought the plum might have looked too dark for what I had in mind, but seeing this color in direct light it's a lot brighter than I expected. Thoughts? This is the color scheme I got inspiration from.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to build the third floor but I ran into a problem. See the red underline on the instruction sheet, I can't find the piece with that name in sheet 19. The only 2 chimney pieces on that sheet have diferent names, but the instructions say "left chimney trim" which one is it? Maybe I'm just blind but I've been searching through the sheets and I can't seam to find it. If you have built this house and have a picture of this piece or remember the shape of it please let me know! I have the third floor in dry fit but can't assemble the chimney until I solve this
  11. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I've finished the 1st floor stairs and wired the corridor lights. The pedistal was tricky but I'm glad I managed to hide the wires under the floor. I've stained the baseboards, but I'm still thinking I might try the wainscot panels later. I really like the look of this room, I've picked the wallpapper for the corridor upstairs in green + red colors, I think it will go well with this look. I have glued the tower front wall in so now I can finally start building the third floor and ceiling, lots of work ahead but at least 1 floor is done!
  12. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    A small change to this room, I added a ceiling rose to the center because after adding the chandelier I kept feeling it was missing something. I've also trimed the doorway interior, so I'm nearly done with this floor and hopefully I'll get started on the exterior soon
  13. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Sorry for the bad quality and poor light conditions. I am almost done with the corridor, need to finish decorating the stairs and add the last rail by the starting steps. The baseboards haven't been glued yet, I was thinking about doing wainscot here but I'm afraid it might make the room look too dark. The ceiling pannels are stained basswood, I assembled them the same way I did with the wall pannels. There is a hole at the mid center to add a chandelier, I will be wiring the lights soon and hopefuly then I'll manage to get a better picture of the details. The pedistal lamp is from artist Jim Pounder, I think it's perfect for the entrance hall and will help light up the area.
  14. From the album: Mini purchases

    The shoe detail is lovely, they even have tiny little buckle detail & labels inside like real shoes. Could the brand name be any more adorable "Mini Choos"... Get it? The bag has lovely trim detail. It also opens, with a magnet clasp. Inside it even has a little side pocket. I assume for a miniature mobile phone? lol
  15. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    This room is a pain to photograph, poor natural light and not a lot of space availiable to move the house around at the moment... the light fixtures don't help much in this case but at least they are working lol. I'll try to get some decent shots when I move on to the hallway... so many components to glue and paint and so little time ;__; For the panels I tried to go for a color that would look nice with any color furniture, both walnut and mahogany constrast nicely with the walls. Second Empire houses often played with constrast; for this house I'm going with light french inspired ceilings paired with light floors, and darker colors on walls. I wasn't very fond of the interior window trims for the bay windows, they looked a bit 'chunky' and odd so I tried something diferent. You can see all that light coming from the doorway because I haven't attached the front tower wall... yet.... there's a lot of work to do there. I'm testing the lenght of the chain on the chandelier, not sure if this is too short... I should probably try a table under it. All my light fixtures are Heidi Ott, they look really nice and realistic, probably the best I found in this price range but most of my wiring and strips are houseworks. The plugs have diferent sizes here in EU, some brands aren't very reliable stocking basic wiring supplies and too often incompatible with other suppliers :/ Now I'm thinking if I should wallpapper the second floor already or wait until I glue the front wall... I have to paint a lot of components for the ceilling in the hallway, would be nice to have diferent areas to work in between.
  16. From the album: First Dollhouse DC San Franciscan SF557

    I switched from working on the basement to working on tree foliage today. I recently raided my local Spotlight (for US readers, think cheap homewares/fabric/craft store combined). I found some plastic foliage sprays that I thought might be kind of in scale for leaves for the San Franciscan tree. I deconstructed the sprays into "branches" of leaves. They were overly forest green so I sprayed them with some more subtle shades before testing them out on the tree. More work needed by I think they might be satisfactory in the end. The tenant is trying to catch/tease Skittle the Squirrel.... but he's to speedy for that caper.
  17. Good Morning! I just wanted to share a link to the Shapeways shop I opened over the weekend. I have 3D printed Kitchen Miniature Sets available currently with more products coming soon! The sets are available in 1:12 and 1:24 scale and include a Stockpot w/lid, Skillet, Small Saucepan, Baking dish, Loaf pan, Pie plate, Mixing bowl, Rolling pin, Pitcher, Tea kettle w/lid and a Small mug. They are made of a sturdy nylon plastic and can be painted easily with just about any type of craft or model paint. I'm happy to answer any questions you have and would love to hear what you think!
  18. From the album: Mini Animals

    Meet Skittle.. he's the resident squirrel in the San Franciscan's tree. I picked him up back in August from IGMA artist Teensyweensy13 on Ebay. He is one of the pieces she used to get certified as IGMA and he is adorable. He has a lovely expressive face and his head even turns for cheeky poses. You can see more of him on my blog
  19. Hello Friend My name is Dmitry, I jeweler from Russia, recently made here are miniature flatware sterling silver. I hope you will enjoy. https://goo.gl/photos/1aGRTasZq6m98p1F6 https://goo.gl/photos/kMvD46bLzrqhPqqb8
  20. I'm wondering if the flower/plant makers among us would know the best paper punches to use to make flowers and leaves with. I've read that punch bunch makes some good ones but they have several sizes and I'm not sure which to go with. Are the mini size or the small size better. Also for larger leaf plants such as ferns should I go with a medium punch. Also with flowers, should I layer a mini punch flower on top of a small punch flower for variation? If anyone with expertise can point me in the right direction I'd be much appreciative. In particular I want to make some geraniums for window boxes but I also want to make some Hydrangeas and maybe even some gerbera daisies all complete with leaves of course! :D
  21. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I got back to work on the Beacon Hill, health issues forced me to take a break, then shortly after leaving the hospital I incapacitated my right hand and couldn't work on my crafts for a while... but I'm excited to get back to work and trying to finish up the kitchen area Working on the floor at the moment, I really like how the walls turned out.. tiles will follow the same color scheme: green, yellow, white, brown.
  22. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I'm trying to pick up the pace on the construction of the Beacon Hill, it's been slow so far but I finally began gluing the house together and can now move on to the design choices for my interiors. I had to order new doors for the house since the ones from my kit were damaged (bad plywood surface), got pre-built ones to save costs (wood + hinges) but in turn I had to modify the openings for them to fit (if you ever plan on building this house: test the doors before you glue the walls in!). I've also modified the walls in this area: changed the position of the 'kitchen' door, drilled in new tabs on the floor and changed the shape of the walls, so this corridor and the 'living room' (right) with have a rectangle shape. Now I need to finish the stairs, wallpaper this room and finish the ceiling portion between the stairs and front door before I glue the front tower wall in. This means I have to do a lot of design choices now that I won't be able to change later. Thanks to advice from other builders I have cut the tabs on the stairs so now they are sliding in and out really well, they are still in dry fit at the moment: I'm in the process of testing wood stains, not sure if I'll stick to dark walnut or finish with a mahogany coat? I was a bit undecided if I should use red or turquoise wallpaper here, with this one perhaps dark wallnut will look better? For the floors, I'm thinking parquet in either cherry or light mahogany as main color. I'm also considering adding wainscot to the walls and a decorative pediment over the doors.
  23. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Ceiling is up, needs retouching here and there but my arm must get some rest lol. Now I must cut templates for the bay windows and start working on the pannels. The fireplace will be on that wall (+ 2 wall lights surrounding it), I think I'll leave a wall socket on the opposite side of the room for a floor/table lamp.
  24. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    I have attached the modified walls and wallpapered the rest of the corridor. I'm still working on the staircase trims, the final color will be the dark mahogany you see in the picture, I am thinking about doing the same for the doors. The living room and dinning room will be combined together in the same room, with this mod the room is now big enough to acomodate a seating area + a 6 seat table and chairs. I've primed the walls of this room in a dark color because they will be covered by wood pannels, not wallpaper. I've decided to try spackle, first time working with this material so I am winging it a bit. I am planning on using cast decorations on the ceilling and was afraid they would be too heavy on the template, so I decided to try to smooth the surface and glue them directly (electricity will run under the floor templates). Having some problems with the plywood, the lines you see are from the wood surface. I think I will have to apply a thicker layer for this to work, just not sure how that's going to work with the plaster on top... never tried to glue anything into spackle. I will probably also need to glue the wall from upstairs before I finish the ceiling, I've acidentaly covered up too much of the tabs lol.
  25. From the album: ~ Beacon Hill ~

    Preparing the kitchen, need to finish the ceiling before I can move on to the woodwork. As I've mentioned in the Beacon Hill Builders thread, I felt very inspired by this kitchen so those are the colors I will use. I won't use cabinets thou, will try a period style this time ;)
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