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  1. Nice find! Hopefully it still has good bones. I have been eyeing the Cambridge but it's running too dear on eBay for me. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
  2. Thanks for the tip, Joel-- I'll look into those after I get through the Ngaio Marsh (Inspector Alleyn) series I'm reading on kindle. Before that was Josephine Tey (Inspector Grant) and Michael Innes (Inspector Appleby). Very sad that I ran out of Michael Innes books on kindle-- those were the best.
  3. Great question! Depends on the house and its intended recipient. Current house has definite whimsical bent, being for the Calico Critters mouse family. I think one of my favorite "quirky" builds was the Shadybrook cabin for the Calico Critters hedgehog family.
  4. After the quilts were done, I got into classic British murder mysteries-- I read all of the Inspector Appleby books (Michael Innes) that Kindle offers (very sad to run out ), then I read all the Inspector Grant (Josephine Tey), then I started in on Inspector Alleyn (Ngaio Marsh). Very absorbing, and a nice break from everything. Meanwhile I have picking here and there at the house: I discarded the turret because it didn't look good or fit well, and decided to go a different way that I think fits the rest of the house better. On Amazon, I found this plastic railing that I bought
  5. Love that aquamarine color! And I have that same "shell" embossed paper but never thought of using it for flooring-- very nice.
  6. Welcome, Erica! The Newberg is an interesting house-- I finished one last year. Looking forward to seeing your build! I think if Holly were here, she would point out that you have five posts now and can start a gallery.
  7. rbytsdy


    Nice work on the ceiling moulding! Always tricky for me...
  8. Thank you! No, nobody would pay me for the amount of time I actually spend fiddling with them... With the ol' Day Job, I wouldn't have time anyway! But thank you just the same. They're not difficult to make, just rather tedious!
  9. Thanks for your kind comments! This was some years ago, but I think one shouldn't glue the partition to the front until the second floor is glued in place with respect to the side and front walls. It's a matter of not constraining the partition in place too much: the important constraints are with respect to the first and second floors. After those main constraints are in place, then one can glue the other sides. If one glues the partition to the front wall right away, then the second floor probably won't fit nicely. I try to figure out alot of these things by dry-fitting everything together a
  10. That's it right there-- thanks for the pic, Jenn.
  11. I guess I'm going the other way from realism; I've been interested lately in getting a kit (bust, arms, legs) for a vintage-look miniature porcelain doll-- sort of like Jane in Beatrix Potter's Tale of Two Bad Mice-- the type with the painted porcelain hair. Will probably have to look on eBay.
  12. Beautiful house! Love the story. (And nothing wrong with Calico Critters-- the house I'm working on now is explicitly for them. Have to shorten all the doorways and stair steps. )
  13. Thank you! The EPP method works really well for helping me keep straight lines. Would love to see some pics of your piecing!
  14. Moremini's build blogs are also very helpful.
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