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  1. Thank you! I had alot of fun with this one.
  2. rbytsdy

    Newberg is done!

    Thank you! Duracraft is a bit of a pain with the corner posts (I like Greenleaf assemblies better) but I enjoyed this build after I got through those wretched posts!
  3. Hi folks, not much to the Shadybrook, just gluing the pieces together: Shadybrook assembly, from my blog I could try to find the instructions and send if that's helpful. Looking forward to seeing your cabins!
  4. Nice find! Hopefully it still has good bones. I have been eyeing the Cambridge but it's running too dear on eBay for me. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
  5. Thanks for the tip, Joel-- I'll look into those after I get through the Ngaio Marsh (Inspector Alleyn) series I'm reading on kindle. Before that was Josephine Tey (Inspector Grant) and Michael Innes (Inspector Appleby). Very sad that I ran out of Michael Innes books on kindle-- those were the best.
  6. Great question! Depends on the house and its intended recipient. Current house has definite whimsical bent, being for the Calico Critters mouse family. I think one of my favorite "quirky" builds was the Shadybrook cabin for the Calico Critters hedgehog family.
  7. After the quilts were done, I got into classic British murder mysteries-- I read all of the Inspector Appleby books (Michael Innes) that Kindle offers (very sad to run out ), then I read all the Inspector Grant (Josephine Tey), then I started in on Inspector Alleyn (Ngaio Marsh). Very absorbing, and a nice break from everything. Meanwhile I have picking here and there at the house: I discarded the turret because it didn't look good or fit well, and decided to go a different way that I think fits the rest of the house better. On Amazon, I found this plastic railing that I bought
  8. Love that aquamarine color! And I have that same "shell" embossed paper but never thought of using it for flooring-- very nice.
  9. Welcome, Erica! The Newberg is an interesting house-- I finished one last year. Looking forward to seeing your build! I think if Holly were here, she would point out that you have five posts now and can start a gallery.
  10. rbytsdy


    Nice work on the ceiling moulding! Always tricky for me...
  11. Thank you! No, nobody would pay me for the amount of time I actually spend fiddling with them... With the ol' Day Job, I wouldn't have time anyway! But thank you just the same. They're not difficult to make, just rather tedious!
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