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  1. Oh I know the feeling, I've tried making my own but the equipment is really expensive I'm so happy we can have blanks to work with, like my clay bricks! I've tried baking them in the sun at 1:24 scale in this weather... awful! They literally fly away with the wind xD
  2. Wow! Just looking through all your dolls, amazing work! That's a lot of patience sculpting in this scale :o Do you make the wigs and clothes as well?
  3. wormwoodz

    Stove wall.jpeg

    I like the crock as well, goes well with the wood pannels. Splendid colors
  4. I wish they would stop giving them ideas..... It might be from all the bad publicity we are getting from "horror" movies...... who says "no publicity is bad publicity"? But now seriously, ALL horror stories I've went through in this hobby have been with the customs... suppliers, manufacturers and resellers are usually super nice and understanding, but the post office and courrier services here... oh boy! They have broken more things than I have the time to fix, sent me mail from other people (including kids xmas gifts.... that they ended up receiving but months later because I had the decency to call the family and mail the toys to them), destroyed books or other important documents by leaving the mail in the rain for who knows how long.... and the worst: they steal if they can get away with it! I am still waiting for a pair of doll eyes I needed for a 1:3 scale doll... they are still listed in their electronic system but they misteriously "vanished" from their warehouse... SHINY PLASTIC! Can you believe this? Maybe they thought those were real "gems"? lol.
  5. wormwoodz


    Your landscaping is always impecable, keep up the amazing work!
  6. Thank you! I miss this comunity so much. I feel like people who work with miniatures are generally more patient and kind and understanding toward others, but often we get the worst end of the stick for it... Holy you are definitely right! Unfortunately here people have prejudices against hiring physical or neurologically "impaired" people because we can't work at the same speed as others, or learn in the "standard" format. And there is no brain surgeon that will dare to try to "fix" a problem like that (thankfully... we are not in the XIX century). So I am completly at a loss on what to do next, but I'm hoping rest and patience will at least keep me alive and happy for a few more years. Very sincere hugs to you all !
  7. Hello! Thanks for your feedback I undertsand what you mean, cabinet design limitations leave a lot of room for the imagination. From a practical standpoint I guess I tend to like my cold storage next to the washing stand. So for the 4th wall I was imagining an opening to a porch or a greenhouse with access to fresh ingredients!
  8. Hi! Amazing work, really love the color cordination <3 I'm very impressed with the circuitry as well, can I ask what did you use to hold the wires in place at the junctions? I'm working with a very thin layer of mdf that won't hold screws in place. I've tried electric tape but the connection doesn't hold very well long term. Your sistem seams to be working better than mine, what components and tools would you suggest I use to make something like this? Thanks!
  9. I know I don't come around so often these days, but I have to say I love this community and the work everyone makes and inspire me to do. You are a lighthouse in the dark! Latelly I've been stuck in a rythm of work that is so taxing on my health, and I've been warned several times it might leave permanent damage on my body and brain. It's the later part that scares me the most, because I've always needed my hands to work. Few weeks ago I noticed I was having problems folding papper... I know, terrifying! Brain damage can make one lose the ability to do such simple tasks, it's a bit sad and frustrating. But I'm going to stay positive that this can be fixed with a bit of practise doing things that bring other people joy, like we do here. Thank you for all the inspiration through the years and my best wishes for everyone that is going through a rough time right now! You are never alone <3
  10. Hello! I have used double side sticky tape. It's removable and reusable, if the glue gets a bit stiff and hard to remove changing the temperature helps to break those bonds without damaging the furniture in the future. Hope it helps! Thank you :)
  11. wormwoodz

    Antique Cathedral

    This is a really interesting piece, have you managed to find more information about its origins? Looks like an architectural model to me, maybe it was even based on a real existing building. Judging by the looks, the shapes of the windows and roofs it looks like it was inspired by German gothic architecture. This style was less 'heavy' in decorative sculpture but often used very elaborate ornamental patterns. Here's an example from that period: St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna.
  12. Thank you, I use water or alcool soluble stains to darknen the basswood. To be more specific I use aniline (fenilamine) based powders that you can find in many stores that sell wood treatments, they come in diferent colors and can be mixed in solutions at diferent ratios to get the intensity and color you are looking for. There is a product in specific we like to use in furniture restoration work that we know around here as "vieux-chêne", it's wholy organic and very safe to use. Add in diferent color pigments and you can pretty much get any natural wood color you can think of. Hope that helps!
  13. Oh the curtains I comissioned from a seamstress, I don't have a miniature pleater so I just picked the fabric and design and gave the measurements to someone who had the tools to get the pleats right. I am thinking about buying a pleater eventually because I'm working on two other houses, they are metal frames you heat up with the fabric inside then spray them with a stiffening glue to keep the shape. For the valances you can use cardboard and fabric glue. The bedcovers I did myself and it was a lot of work without the right tools, I had to weave wire into the fabric to hold the pleats in place, took me several hours and a lot of patience. So I'd recomend a 1/4 inch pleater if you plan on doing several curtains and/or bedcovers, it makes the whole pleating process a lot easier.
  14. Oh I also had most of my house in dry fit for a long time, I wanted to make sure all the parts were fitting properly and I wouldn't have trouble wallpapering after. I ended up decorating the interior walls and floor of the 'tower' on the 1st floor before I glued both "halves" of the house, so I had it parted at the mid larger wallsection for a while before I glued those two "halves" together. And I finished wallpapering and flooring before I glued the roof in, those rooms can be a bit tight to work with after fully closed, so it's good to run tests and see what works best for you plans If you want to get a 'creepy' vibe on your furniture, you can also try adding weathering effects on finished furniture using dry pastel colors and other finishing effects. You can even use damaged/broken funiture for this purpose as it won't impact the look you're going for. I often find damaged furniture being sold in "bulks" of dollhouse components on sites like craiglist or ebay. About the windows, the ones with a pediment on the second floor are houseworks windows model HWH5042, the ones with the gothic arches are Alessio's lasercut frames, and the exterior frames were assembled by me using wood trims and some of the original kit frames. You can find pre-cut wood trims being sold in lenghts at dollhouse suppliers. In my case I usually shop at a local model railroad/shipbuilding supplier for these materials, they usually have a good selection of 1:24 and 1:48 scale components, or order them in bulk online. They are very versatile because you can cut them in any lenght for baseboards and crownmouldings, or assemble them into window and door frames, I even use larger scale ones to make cornices and corbels for the exterior decor.
  15. Hi, thanks so much for the kind words I love this scale in miniatures and this is still my favorite house, I am always happy to see builds of this kit! To answear your questions about furniture, I collect and repair miniatures for some time now and usually I search on the used market for old pieces in both 1:24 and 1:12 scale. I have collected a high number of 1:24 miniatures going back to mid XX century to now, most of the furniture displayed in this house was made by a company called Bespaq, dating back to the early 2000s but some are a bit more recent as well. There are also some pieces by John Baker, Ken Haseltine, Danny Rodriguez, David Kruprik, Arjen Spinhoven, and some made by myself. If there is any piece in particular you like I can try to identify it for you more precisely. Most of the rugs are from a company called Pike & Pike and they are made in Turkey if I'm not mistaken. They are woven mini rugs and easily found in most miniature supply stores in many sizes and colors, I usually buy them at local miniature fairs or from sites like amazon. I do get what you are saying about being hard to find a good variety of furniture for smaller scales, but they are out there. It depends on the style you are looking for, these days modern style furniture is easier to find, specially with the marvel of 3D printing. But there are also some manufacturers who still make furniture in older fashions, baroque, neoclassic and XIX century revival styles are still fairly common. Sometimes it's just a matter of searching and waiting, I think chairs are usually the hardest thing to find due to how delicate they are, not many manufacturers are fond of making them in this scale.
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