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  1. Debora59


    The dogs go well here.
  2. I have always loved the botanical center displays of Applied Imagination.. They used G scale trains, flowers, plants and 1:24 scale buildings constructed to withstand the weather.. my husband has been collecting the trains and track for the past few years. the challenge was to incorporate a design into our yard, One that doesn't interfere with mowing or dogs etc. We moved my 10 x 12 shed to make room. It took me forever to come up with a workable design for the space. It actually wasn't until the building was moved that the whole thing came together.. I ended up purchasing some 1:24 scale buil
  3. I love snow, always have and lights from the houses reflecting on the snow
  4. This one gave me the confidence to build more. No pattern no measurements to go by, just figuring it out for 1:24 scale. Oh yes and having something in mind that inspires. I had a particular doll house in mind, The Maple Street Cotswold. Have always loved it. Mine is reminiscent of it. I had know idea what the other sides and back looked like so I just made it what I wanted it to be. I had made dormers, adjoining roofs and pitched roofs before from scratch so that helped.
  5. It is stunning and perfectly coordinated with the space. the plant by a window is also a nice touch. ! creates a sense of who the homeowner is.
  6. I love the bathroom and the kitchen and the bedroom and the library and the front and and and lol!
  7. Yes will be interested to see also what it sells for!
  8. Not sure if this listing has been posted already but, I love it, but not the price. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Customized-Lawbre-French-Country-House/183869758502?hash=item2acf7ddc26:g:ynoAAOSwgY5dHNSo
  9. Debora59


    Thank you also, yes I just discovered the Facebook group and it so happens I tore a ligament in my knee and so I have a chance to post!
  10. Debora59


    Love it. everything works so cohesively inside and out!
  11. Debora59


    Probably my favorite bed frame of all! You have made all the pieces work together perfectly, just like your other rooms. I love your style.
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