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  1. Rebecca, were you the Rebecca R. that won the Grand Prize? If you were congrats on an absolutely amazing build. I sat in awe just admiring all the creative work that went into the grand prize winner. I am so very happy for you, it is truly amazing!
  2. If Holly's recommendation doesn't work if you have a orbital sander maybe, you can just sand it off using heavy duty sandpaper. Looks like the outside of the house needs a sanding anyway to smooth it out after removing the siding.
  3. Heat loosens glue. Use a heat gun if you have one. An embossing gun also works. I keep one close by my work area, they come in handy all the time.
  4. Job well done. I think you really captured the look you were going for.
  5. Your aging on the roof is perfect. You would think this is a real hose out in the woods. I am always envious of people that create aged looks on dollhouses. It's definitely a talent that I don't possess.
  6. I have 3 finished in the house, 2 in the workroom, 3 purchased half built to rehab in closets, and I have no idea how many are under the beds in the spare room, but I have noticed they are peeking out from under the bed skirt trying to escape due to overcrowding....LOL
  7. I am jumping in here a little on the conversation, but would like to add some information. I own two Clell Boyce houses, both bought in Texas. The first one, The Elliott Bay house is stamped with the Victorian Times stamp with initials CGB and dated 6/1/80 in the center. So, according to Mrs. Boyce time frame of Mr. Boyce's building of his houses this one is one he built. It's interesting because I bought this house as a shell, and it does not have the bath room on the right of the house and the pantry on the left. It appears they were never part of the house. Maybe, this house was a custom order with those two structures excluded from the original plans. The other house is the Lacamas Lake House. As Emily stated earlier, the house is signed by the Raglands, it's dated 5/29/1995 and has the exact same Victorian Times stamp as the Elliot Bay house, without Mr. Boyce's initials. I received the catalog mentioned earlier from the lady I bought it from. I am just wondering if the Clell Boyce rights were sold to the Ragland's from Mr. Clanton since this house was built 15 years later after Mr. Boyce sold his rights to Mr. Clanton. Although the catalog is dated from 1982 they may have also acquired the catalog when they bought the rights. I am so hoping the Ragland's did not illegally build Mr. Boyce's houses. I am going to do some more research on this matter as I hope I don't own a pirated Lacamas Lake House. Here is the stamp on the bottom of the Elliott Bay.
  8. You can place them on painters tape laid sticky side up to hold them while you paint them. I also clean those Styrofoam meat containers, like for chicken, place the little pieces in that and paint them.
  9. I finally got frustrated with all the cheaper saws and their inconsistent uneven cuts that I bit the bullet and bought the Proxxon miter saw. Best decision and money I have spent. No more bad cuts and perfect miter cuts on all the trim work every time. It's somewhat expensive, but if you have committed yourself to this hobby for a lifetime, it's well worth it in my opinion. https://www.micromark.com/Proxxon-Mini-Chop-Miter-Saw-for-Hobby-Use
  10. I sold one last week on Facebook Marketplace. It was a Lady Anna from the House that Jack Built. I specifically built it to sell. I got pretty close to asking price, but still lost money on it People just don't understand the cost of materials that goes into building and finishing dollhouses. I wouldn't put light fixtures in it, even if you are electrifying it, you will loose even more money. I electrified mine and installed can lights and LED strip lights in it. Figuring if someone bought it for a child to play with they wouldn't damage the lighting as these are installed into the ceilings. Good luck with your endeavor and hope you come out making a profit.
  11. 1martinimomma


    I guess tiny house, tiny picture!
  12. 1martinimomma


    Oh my goodness, that is so tiny. It's the cutest little house. I love the color you chose for it. Did the little stand it's on come with the kit? I wish the picture was bigger so we could see it up close.
  13. It's so beautiful. I just love all the white of the house.
  14. 1martinimomma


    Wowser, that's stunning. Love the chenille bedspread.
  15. Just stopping by to say hi! All is well in Houston. We haven't been hit very hard here, and I have been going to work since we are considered an essential business. Haven't got to work on mini's since right before this pandemic I decided to retire(not happened yet) and move to my house in SC. So, I had packed up the craft room in preparation for the move. Now, since moving has been put on hold for an indefinite time, I might just have to unpack it and get back to work on the Elliott Bay until life settles back down. So happy to see everyone!
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