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  1. You can place them on painters tape laid sticky side up to hold them while you paint them. I also clean those Styrofoam meat containers, like for chicken, place the little pieces in that and paint them.
  2. I finally got frustrated with all the cheaper saws and their inconsistent uneven cuts that I bit the bullet and bought the Proxxon miter saw. Best decision and money I have spent. No more bad cuts and perfect miter cuts on all the trim work every time. It's somewhat expensive, but if you have committed yourself to this hobby for a lifetime, it's well worth it in my opinion. https://www.micromark.com/Proxxon-Mini-Chop-Miter-Saw-for-Hobby-Use
  3. I sold one last week on Facebook Marketplace. It was a Lady Anna from the House that Jack Built. I specifically built it to sell. I got pretty close to asking price, but still lost money on it People just don't understand the cost of materials that goes into building and finishing dollhouses. I wouldn't put light fixtures in it, even if you are electrifying it, you will loose even more money. I electrified mine and installed can lights and LED strip lights in it. Figuring if someone bought it for a child to play with they wouldn't damage the lighting as these are installed into the cei
  4. 1martinimomma


    I guess tiny house, tiny picture!
  5. 1martinimomma


    Oh my goodness, that is so tiny. It's the cutest little house. I love the color you chose for it. Did the little stand it's on come with the kit? I wish the picture was bigger so we could see it up close.
  6. It's so beautiful. I just love all the white of the house.
  7. 1martinimomma


    Wowser, that's stunning. Love the chenille bedspread.
  8. Just stopping by to say hi! All is well in Houston. We haven't been hit very hard here, and I have been going to work since we are considered an essential business. Haven't got to work on mini's since right before this pandemic I decided to retire(not happened yet) and move to my house in SC. So, I had packed up the craft room in preparation for the move. Now, since moving has been put on hold for an indefinite time, I might just have to unpack it and get back to work on the Elliott Bay until life settles back down. So happy to see everyone!
  9. So glad the site is back up. It's been a lonely few weeks. Can't wait to hear what everyone has been up to during the pandemic. I have still been working the whole time. Ugh!!!! We are considered an essential business, but not sure that is really the case now, as we support the oilfield industry and you all know how that's going at the moment.
  10. 1martinimomma

    Living Room

    Absolutely, stunning. Reminds me of a glamorous room from a 40's movie. You can tell you spent a lot time picking out just the perfect pieces.
  11. 1martinimomma

    Full kitchen

    Beautiful and cozy kitchen. Job well done!
  12. 1martinimomma

    Pack ratting

    Ha,ha. My garage looked like that yesterday after Christmas un-decoration!
  13. 1martinimomma


    What a wonderful way to bring back happy moments in your dad's everyday life. Glad to see the decorating getting started on your beautiful SF. It's going to be a stunner when you get her all dressed up on the inside.
  14. Such a lovely Christmas scene. You should make this your Christmas card next year. Too cute, Rudolph nose lighting up.
  15. So sweet! Your display captures "Visions of Sugarplums" perfectly. Congrats on your win, you deserve it!
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