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  1. pgwyn

    Princess Alice

    I love the bows you added to her dress and hat.
  2. pgwyn

    Wagon side decoration

    You have done a beautiful job with this. I love all your hand painted details.
  3. Yes, just show it to them on your phone, they will take that.
  4. pgwyn

    Constance the Witch

    Looks just like Samantha Stevens from Bewitched. Beautiful. You are soooo talented!
  5. I have my eye on the cobblestone snicket as well, one day. It seems it would make a nice Harry Potterish lane. I did the Raven’s Perch a couple of years ago. It was very easy to do. It is in my gallery.
  6. Have a great time and enjoy the slopes.
  7. So cute, she does need a darling cradle to lay in.
  8. pgwyn


    They are very cute. Can't wait to see them come together.
  9. Wow! So many houses. They have some really nice ones and the prices aren't too bad.
  10. Great car! They seemed very pleased.
  11. They are gorgeous. The runner really adds a lot to them. Nicely done.
  12. It is your house and your dream. Do it your way.
  13. pgwyn


    They look great. Good job.
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