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Missing sheet


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I am missing sheet 38 in Garfield box. I’ve had it for a few years but just opened the box. I bought it new. I had help today taking all the sheets out and numbering each sheet with the number that was printed on it when that was done we put them back in order like it was suggested with the largest number first and go up to number one and in the process of doing all this, we found out that sheet 38 was not there. I called the 800 number that was listed on the sheet and,   it said leave a message then it said mailbox is full how do I get back in touch with Greenfield to replace that part?  Any one  ran into this problem?


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Hi Vicki,

You can try to reach them through an email using this contact form from the website.


Others have mentioned that they had a hard time getting through by phone as well. Just be patient, but keep trying.

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It's only been an hour since I sent the email, and I have the answer, arranged payment and am waiting for the final total and the sheet should be on it's way.  Must be in stock. 

Last week I couldn't get though to anyone.

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