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  1. I also have a barrington dollhouse kit I am building. I started building it, then took it apart half way through. Your right., the instructions are awful. I cannot find any pictures and mine came with 2 #41 boards and no #43 boards. (Which is the front of the house. ) I'm very confused and frustrated at this point.
  2. I just opened one I bought at a yardsale for $10. It was still sealed and never opened. Must have been a manufacture malfunction because I got two #41 sheets and no #43. So now that I started building it, I'm a little intimidated to finish. I don't know what to do. The instructions do not have pictures and there is little online.
  3. Ok. I started building. I'm stuck. I am so confused. I opened the box and started following instructions, labeling as I went. In the kit I had 2 #41 boards and no #43. I may have to wing it. I have no clue what I'm doing.
  4. How on earth did you do that?!?! Very very talented.
  5. I also have a box full of wooden furniture my cousin gave me . I want to build this but I'm terrified my kids will wreck it.
  6. I bought a barrington wood dollhouse kit at a yard sale. It's never been opened . I'm afraid to open it now. I have small children and did not realize that this was a model kit. Artply is no longer in business. What do I do with this???
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