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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I’m still on foundation. I have it glued and then sat for a couple of hrs on the kitchen steps. Thought I had it figured out one way, but found a picture showing it on the box cover. I have the floor dry fitted and it is good. You are progressing quickly.
  2. I have never used peel and stick dollhouse wallpaper. Will be interested in replys you get.
  3. It's only been an hour since I sent the email, and I have the answer, arranged payment and am waiting for the final total and the sheet should be on it's way. Must be in stock. Last week I couldn't get though to anyone.
  4. THANK YOU so much for the blog. I wish I had it a week ago. But that that's ok, because I really got well aquainted with the foundation. I've been reading it since you posted it. Thank you again. Of course I'm going to have to move the doll house build into the house for the winter to finish it, but still have 3 quilts to finish. Think I'll find someplace else for the sewing maching. hee hee.
  5. I sent an email today about the missing sheet. I'm thinking I should consider opening the Beacon House to see if any sheets are missing from that one. Now I will wait.
  6. I finally figured out that on the foundation, when they said pieces 13-12 it meant to put foundation 13 piece then #1 piece etc. was easy but then I had a piece to add that had not space around the edge, it meant it was going to be a cross piece. I've done this foundation so many times, I'm glad I did dry fit. Anyway, now I need to put on the first floor. Did y'all glue the foundation at this point? I can't turn it over without the tape giving way and falling down.
  7. I am missing sheet 38 in Garfield box. I’ve had it for a few years but just opened the box. I bought it new. I had help today taking all the sheets out and numbering each sheet with the number that was printed on it when that was done we put them back in order like it was suggested with the largest number first and go up to number one and in the process of doing all this, we found out that sheet 38 was not there. I called the 800 number that was listed on the sheet and, it said leave a message then it said mailbox is full how do I get back in touch with Greenfield to replace that part? Any one ran into this problem?
  8. I think I like the dry fit all of it. I know it will fit where I want it to go. My house was just measured for an electric motor chair and if it fits so will the house and a ramp is outside the door so I’m all set there. Engery Wise I can do a couple of hours so I like the idea of dry fit, finishing some walls etc. thanks for all y’all help
  9. I’m sanding the foundation pieces while progressing to finding where and how they fit. When y’all been saying dry fit, it sounds like you dry fit the whole house first. But the directions say to follow step by step. Don’t skip any step. How do you keep it all in order?
  10. I’m new to this site but I know some one wil help you soon. I did the orchid kit in 2919. Don’t make fire wood out of it. And you may not need to down load the adobe if it’s already on your computer. The directions are here but I can’t help you.
  11. Charlotte where do you live? It’s mid nite here in NH USA
  12. I’m just starting a Garfield also. I just joined this group so you can see me in intros about a week ago. I am taping the foundation pieces together. I’m not doing well but determined to figure it out. I’ll try to attach a photo. No I guess not. But I’m up to piece 8 of the foundation but it’s not the best set up for working on it yet. Will be happy to follow you on our journey. I do think I’ll get the pieces in the correct places tomorrow. Then I’ll move it into its winter work space.
  13. I've been trying to find info on the Garfield and i'm just not sure where to go. I read that it sands better after painting, What I have done so far, is punch out the foundation. I see that someone took pictures of the foundation taped together but it isn't painted. Should I paint and then sand to make it all fit together? And where do I look for the Garfield specific blogs? This has been an interesting site. I think I mentioned I put the Orchird house into the fair and the only complant I got ( 2nd place) was the hot glue showing so I don't think I'm gooing to use the hot glue on this house. Thanks for any info.
  14. I am in Northern NH I haven’t figured out how to move around these forums yet or where the new member page is again I’ll learn.
  15. My first dollhouse was a brick 2 story, 9 room house in the mid 70s. My bucket list actually was to do the Queen Ann house by Real Good Toys, but that has gone beyone my $$. A couple of years ago, I made the Orchid House by Greenleaf. Got a 2nd place ribbon for seniors at the Lancaster Fair. The Garfield and the Beacon House - both by Greenleaf is waiting for me. I am going the do the Garfield first. I've been reading the warm up page and the directions. I'm torn between finishing #2 Assembled & decorated and method C. Since i'm at the end of my 70s, which would be better? I don't think I'm going to need to change the paper or carpet, or etc. Any suggestions of what y'all have enjoyable in the method you used? Winter is just starting so I'm not rushing this project. I'm a former nurse, volunteer with 4-H, Grange, Town boards and area groverment boards. I am also a dollmaker, weaver, knitter, and quilter but this year, a house builder. I live in NH USA I have just made of list of what I need to purchase to get started.
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