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Support: The Garfield Dollhouse Instructions

Mini Man

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The Garfield Dollhouse Instructions

Dollhouse instructions for the Garfield Dollhouse by Greenleaf. This download contains both the instructions and schematic diagrams. This is an electronic version offered in Adobe Acrobat format and requires PDF Reader for viewing. This is offered for personal use and may not be redistributed without written authorization from Greenleaf Dollhouses.

For the forum support topic for the Garfield Dollhouse, please click on the Get Support button to the right. 


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On 10/11/2021 at 5:16 PM, afc2ops said:


Wondered where to get/find the measurements for the plans?


Yes, actual room dimensions would be wonderful.  Placements of doors and windows, as with an architectural floorplan.

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Believe it or not, that is something that I'm currently working on, although taken to the next level level, as they say.  I am currently building the Garfield, and part of MY process, is to create solid models (3D CAD models, if you will) of each and every part.  I then take the parts and "assemble" them in the computer, generating a complete, virtual, model of the house.  After each part is modeled, I can create a fully dimensioned drawing of each part. Once the completed house is done, I can generate the drawings that your looking for.

Don't hold your collective breaths though. I'm in no rush to build my house, and with the added steps of detailing and drawing each and every part of the house, it's going to take some time.  But, it IS happening.

I started my Garfield shortly after Christmas 2021, you know, a month ago.  So far, I've completed the foundation (part modeling, some drawings, and the actual, physical assembly of the house.  I'm currently in prepping (filling / sanding) the parts for the first floor staircase.  The main parts have already been modeled but no drawings yet.

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