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  1. View File The Garfield Dollhouse Instructions Dollhouse instructions for the Garfield Dollhouse by Greenleaf. This download contains both the instructions and schematic diagrams. This is an electronic version offered in Adobe Acrobat format and requires PDF Reader for viewing. This is offered for personal use and may not be redistributed without written authorization from Greenleaf Dollhouses. For the forum support topic for the Garfield Dollhouse, please click on the Get Support button to the right. Submitter Mini Man Submitted 08/16/2020 Category Greenleaf Dollhouse Instructions
  2. Hi! Does anyone have pseudo architectural floorplans for the Garfield house? With actual room dimensions, placements of doors and windows, etc.?
  3. I literally have NO IDEA how that fat guy in the red suit got himself, along with the new Garfield house, down my chimney, but alas (at last), IT'S HERE! And just like little Ralphie Parker, I couldn't tear through the wrappings quick enough! Holy Moses, that's a lot of wood! Okay, I gotta slow myself down and go through this thing slowly, methodically & logically. SCREW IT! Where's my glue? Honey, where'd you hide my Dremel and X-Acto knives?
  4. I have the foundation done. I started by writing in pencil, the numbers and names of the pieces, then though when I base paint them I will be painting over the writing. Another suggestion was using masking tape to write on. Now i'm on sheet 15, and realized the tape has to come off also, but I could put the tape next to the piece. But why aren't I painting the whole sheet, if I'm not going to stain it yet. and it would leave .sides with nothing to make gule useless. Other the other thing I read is dipping the part in a mixture of 50%/50% of something to seal the wood. I do have a problem with over thinking and I think I have TMI. Please help me. I am stopping for a few days. Pellets are getting low and I would like to get the parts sealed or at least sanded before I more it all from my studio to the house.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Dollhouse instructions for the Garfield Dollhouse by Greenleaf. This download contains both the instructions and schematic diagrams. This is an electronic version offered in Adobe Acrobat format and requires PDF Reader for viewing. This is offered for personal use and may not be redistributed without written authorization from Greenleaf Dollhouses. For the forum support topic for the Garfield Dollhouse, please click on the Get Support button to the right.
  6. Rose

    Foundation done

    From the album: Rosewall Manor

    The foundation is done. It wasn't easy(for me) but it turned out good. I dry fitted a couple of walls because I was anxious to see how big it was going to be.
  7. Well my house finally arrived. I have mixed feelings. lol The Garfield is a beautiful house but I do not like the wood. I built my first Greenleaf house 15 years ago I think. Since then I've only built the MDF houses. I have to change my whole way of thinking through this. I will definitely follow the directions. They are hard to understand though. I found Ginas(More Minis) blog and it is sooooo helpful. Thank you Gina! With my mdf houses I always prime the inside walls with paint so the bare wood won't suck up my wallpaper paste. I will do the same with these. My question is about this wood warping. Should I prime before I put the walls up or will it be ok to put the walls up and then prime them. Will they warp while standing. MDF doesn't warp so I never had to worry about that.
  8. I have two partial kits-Fairfield and McKinley-free. I also have a Garfield that has been started. Whoever started it has done a beautiful job so far.all the punched out parts are bagged and labeled. Not really shippable,but willing to meet people part way (located between Santa Fe and Albuquerque). Want a totally reasonable amount. Mostly want it to move on. Contact me for pictures,as I don't seem to upload pics.
  9. Just saying hello and introducing myself. I'm pretty new to miniatures. I've always loved little things but it wasn't until my sister got a huge 1:12 scale dollhouse from a member of her community that I realized miniatures was a hobby. At that point I got myself The Fairfield and I haven't looked back! I'm still working on my Fairfield and a few days ago I got The Garfield from a lady in my own town for an awesome price. I've wanted The Garfield ever since I've laid eyes on it so I snatched it when I had the chance, even though I'm still working on my Fairfield. Unfortunately, whoever put together the Garfield, did a poor job and it wasn't very well cared for. Everything I've found so far has been put together with hot glue, it's got tabs out of slots, pieces coming off,'s got some damage to multiple windows, shingles and a few doors. It's also missing a few pieces here and there. I'm excited to clean and fix it up but worried about some changes I want to make. I want to alter some of the layout during repairs but not sure how much I can do without breaking the house further.
  10. Question - Should I wallpaper and floor as I build or do it at the end?
  11. What is the best way to do hinges on the doors of the Garfield, or for that matter, any of ther 1" doll houses. The scale brass hinges just dont seem to be as robust as they should be for a childs doll house.
  12. I made a major mistake when I started my Garfield about 3 years ago....the instructions said to use hot glue, so I did. Shortly after I began I decided to do some online research and found out it was a bad idea. I worked up to the top floor and noticed there are gaps between wall and floor sections and the roof tabs won't fit in some of their slots. I think it is because the base isn't straight or the glue was applied too liberally and walls are not square in some places. I imagine the only way to correct this is to take it all apart and start over. Where would you start; should I separate certain sections in a particular order, removing the glue residue with a hair dryer and rebuilding with carpenter's glue? Luckily, I have been dissatisfied with the finishes I put in each room (paint, wallpaper, flooring), so I will be glad to get the opportunity to re-decorate. Any tips and advice on how to begin this demolition will be greatly appreciated! Karen
  13. Hi, Has anyone moved the interior bathroom wall over to make a passageway to the 2nd bedroom to make it more realistic? Am thinking of making a removable wall for the bathroom so its more logical than having to walk thru the bathroom to get to the 2nd bedroom. This would mean that I'd need to have a banister for the left side of the 2nd staircase and this is where it gets complicated. I'm thinking of making interior walls for the lounge and dining room so I wouldn't need the banister for there so I'm debating whether to either cut off the wall part of the ground floor stairs and use that banister for the 2nd staircase which makes sense to do so. Any views on my idea before I commit this to reality?
  14. Hello! I a new here, and am attempting to build the Garfield. I wanted a dollhouse for my two little girls (3 and1) and a friend had the kit sitting in her attic and she graciously gave it to me. I plan to leave a lot of the trim off until the girls are older, but I have a could questions about making the kit more child friendly. I won't paint or decorate the interior yet- can I just rub paste wax on the wood for now to seal it? I really don't want to shellac or varnish it yet. Also, are there any other modifications that make the houses more play friendly? Thanks!
  15. Hi i just thought i would introduce myself. Im Simon and i live in the UK. About 10 years ago i bought and started building a Deacon Hill Kit, i had most of the outside frame built, but then things in my personal life went south... My now ex wife left my dollhouse outside in the rain so that it was ruined and that as they say was that. But i never lost interest and my dream was always to have another one. I am finally in a position to start over having just sent my last project (a car) off to the paint shop i can now start thinking about my new kit. This time i have purchased the Garfield (the house i originally fell in love with) and plan on doing something a little crazy with it. Having built the frame of the Deacon Hill i was a little un impressed with the thin walls so the plan this time round is to use the KIT as a template and make the frame out of MDF of the correct thickness that i can then fit working windows and doors into the frame. It also means that i should be able to either scratch build or buy working windows to fit the kit and adjust the window apertures to fit whatever is available. Having thicker walls should also make it easier to run wires for lights in a grove but thats still very much in the thinking about stage atm. I doubt i will actually get started much before the new year but between now and then i want to find out as much as i can from people who have built this kit and how they have finished it. I will also be trawling the internet for ideas for finishes etc so that when it comes to time to start i will hopefully have a large "scrapbook" of ideas to plan my build around.
  16. So last weekend I managed to dry fit my ENTIRE Garfield house (minus the trim and windows/doors). I must say, this thing is quite sturdy even just taped together as I've had to move it around and rotate it on the table quite a few times to get to other areas. Now it's just been sitting, party because I got slapped with a series of headaches this week and partly because I don't know what to do next (so I'm currently organizing my workspace). I think I should probably label my interior walls so I know what room they are when I disassemble but I'm itching to do the stairs because I'm already planning to change them up and know what I want them to look like. Also wanting to make my own windows/doors but definitely need to do lots of research before I tackle that project. I feel like I have ADD when I look at my house!
  17. I started the dry fit on my foundation but I'm a little unclear on the kitchen step directions. I searched and saw where someone else asked for an illustration but when I click on the link provided in a response it was no longer working. Anybody have a picture of this part?
  18. Hi, My name is Erica and I recently ordered the Greenleaf Willow kit (due to arrive tomorrow), as well as purchased a partially complete Greenleaf Garfield (which is HUGE!!!!). The Garfield has quite a bit of damage and work that needs to be done so it is more of a restoration/build. Super excited to join this group and build my dollhouses. I'm 32 years old and have never had one for myself, and I have two boys so I figured I better make one for me since I probably won't have a daughter. I live in San Diego, CA. I have two boys age 10 and 7... and a small boston terrier named Roxy.
  19. Hi all, I received my Garfield kit in the mail yesterday and immediately had a panic attack when it sunk in just how big it will be once built! I almost shipped it back to exchange for a smaller model but alas I just love the look of the Garfield sooo much I decided to Go BIG or GO HOME! I haven't even removed a single board from the box but am already facing Challenge #1: how the heck do I build this bad girl in sections so that I can fit it through doors when we move? I have already received amazing help from one member but now onto the challenge of actually doing it. If anyone else around here has built their house in sections any feedback/tips/trips/suggestions/do's/don'ts/etc would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to fill my house with references from Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Kid's books/Pop Culture etc but still have the house be beautiful and well appointed - not a run down looking "haunted" house. Although, I do love that look and was going in the direction at first. I was first inspired by Jenny Lawson over at The Bloggess. If you haven't seen photos of her doll house go have a look -- totally awesome. Anyway, I want my house to look like some eccentric billionaire lives there and he collects artifacts right out of fantasy and sci-fi. My husband is an artist (hobby not pro) and makes these completely incredible dioramas so he will be collaborating with me on my house! I am also a knitter, crocheter, sewist, & fledgling encaustic artist. When I'm not doing one of those things I am usually doing my all time hugest passion: Kung Fu. All that aside, first and foremost, I am a wife and a full-time stay-at-home mom to my two little sons. Soooo the Garfield is going to be a slow going affair but I figure I have the rest of my life, so why rush? Can't wait to get more into the forums and galleries to see all the amazing things everyone is doing. Best, April
  20. Selling a very partially built Garfield kit. I built the foundation/first floor, first floor stair, and about 1/4 of the second floor stair before coming to grips with the fact that building dollhouses is just not for me. All remaining parts and instructions are still in the box and of course this sale includes what I have already built. I'm asking **edited out** for the kit as-is. Please note this is the kit as it comes only, no shingles, siding, or finish materials included. I'm willing to deliver to anywhere in the Denver metro area. Thanks!
  21. Hi, was just wondering where the best place is to put the light strip etc when lighting the Garfield.
  22. Made the decision to have Santa bring the garfield for my 10 year old. I am noa having issues even getting the subfloor installed due to pieces not seeming to fit properly. Is their any help I could get. My daughter would greatly appreciate it.
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