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3 Dollhouses For Sale: Arrow Kit 750 Royal Dream / Greenleaf Fairfield 8015 / Dura Craft Heritage HR560

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Hope I am obeying the rules.

I am "New" here, but my eBay record is visible, and I can point to when I bought and sold high end cinema cameras and gear.

I am happy to provide additional photos or details if requested.

(1) Arrow Kit 750 Royal Dream 
  • Kit in original box, Appears complete, I counted the main wood sheets. I am not sure if any shingles or other loose pieces. Box is old masking tape nightmare, but it is there.

(2) Kit: Dura Craft Heritage HR 560

  • Kit in original box. Perhaps 25% of kit is missing.

  • My wife and I did an inventory of the pieces. I have some of the instruction manual pages we made notes on, but need to look for a couple pages.



(3) BUILT: Greenleaf Fairfield 8015

  • Fully assembled, painted, flooring. But needs a bit of care. Some shingles are missing, Some panels sem loose. Flooring, other decorator items showing their age.lckk2g3x53841.jpg?width=2819&format=pjpgwdihw6n163841.jpg?width=1982&format=pjpgc7xjgo0363841.jpg?width=2714&format=pjpg

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