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  1. This is Not a solicitation for service or sale. Just wanting to see if there is a need. If I am breaking any rules, I apologize. This idea came when I realized one of the kits I have is missing pieces, and I have the laser to cut new ones. I have a background in aerospace design, as well as graphics for TV/Film. So the creation of the relatively simple drawings are easy. As title says, is there a need for someone to make/cut missing or replacement parts? Specifically the flat sheet panels, walls, window frames, etc? I have an 80W laser and can easily cut 3MM or thicker wood sheet. Determining if this makes financial sense to develop. Idea is someone can send me a clear scan with a ruler/scale so the piece(s) can be recreated then cut. So, let me have it. Hare brained idea? Genius? Creative? Waste of time? Let me know your thoughts and I might be able to fill a need.... Or not.
  2. Hope I am obeying the rules. I am "New" here, but my eBay record is visible, and I can point to when I bought and sold high end cinema cameras and gear. I am happy to provide additional photos or details if requested. (1) Arrow Kit 750 Royal Dream Kit in original box, Appears complete, I counted the main wood sheets. I am not sure if any shingles or other loose pieces. Box is old masking tape nightmare, but it is there. (2) Kit: Dura Craft Heritage HR 560 Kit in original box. Perhaps 25% of kit is missing. My wife and I did an inventory of the pieces. I have some of the instruction manual pages we made notes on, but need to look for a couple pages. (3) BUILT: Greenleaf Fairfield 8015 Fully assembled, painted, flooring. But needs a bit of care. Some shingles are missing, Some panels sem loose. Flooring, other decorator items showing their age.
  3. Although in the near term I won't be able to contribute... It is rude to drop by without annoucing your arrival Scott, living in Phoenix, Arizona with family. Years desired to build a dollhouse for daughters, but time and life didn't allow. I hope to refocus later in life and build in On30, O gauge (Lionel) narrow gauge model railroad. Large scale, and motion. Will post in correct forum, will pass on a Dura-Craft Heritage. I looked through a lot of your posts and work. Stunning demonstration of skill, art, focus and patience!
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