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Sitting on base


I carved out this base last night. Its 4 layers deep to provide for a "spooky house on the hill" look. The steps are also carved out of the foam and the foam sits in a wooden frame~like base. There are holes under the house carved out, where the electric cords will run down to the light socket thingy. Hard wired lights...I dont do tape wire. This house is The Canterbury kit by Greenleaf. Its no longer made, but every once in a while they show up on ebay. This is the second Canterbury Ive made. The kit does have its issues, namely all the window trim is paper card stock, so I just omit the trim...but, its one of my favorite houses when finished, such a cute design.<br><br>I covered the house in dry wall mud and combed for an old siding look. The roof tiles I made from paperclay, individually in a fishscale shape.<br><br><br><br>Also, I have the little section of "iron" fencing on the porch just as a sample, trying to decide how much more fencing I want to add.

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WyckedWood Canterbury

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Thank you! Im going for kind of a silhouette look, so I went all black. The builders foam (Im planning, but reserve the right to change mind completely) will be a contrasting white snow. Theres a carved in space for a pond, to the left of the stairs, which I'll have to figure out how to make look like cracked ice, or maybe a green steamy pond:)

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Wow wow wow.... You and I have similar dollhouse tastes... I have this house still sitting in its box in my kitchen... I never would have thought to do this with it... This is amazing... Bravo :)

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Thank you Kelly, this isnt actually what I had planned for it, just kind of happened. It was going to be a Halloween Gingerbread house, with halloween candy all over it, but I, and the cottage, wasnt feelin it. This way its still witchy but I can leave it out all year if I want to,its not just halloween decoration like it would have been. There are a lot of cute Canterburys here on the forum if you ever need ideas. Tracy (Minis on the edge) did a stone,castle look, Lindas is a perfume shop, theres a Peacock tea room and I did a faery sandcastle, Im sure there are many more also. Its such a cute house. If I did another one I would try dropping the second floor down about an inch.

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Wonderful!!!! Love everything! I really like your base, I want to add an "underground basement to my Willowcrest and seeing your base makes me think I can carry it out. The Canterbury is one of my favorite kits, too bad it's not in production any more. Great job! Can't wait to see more!

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Such good work and imagination. I can't seam to be very imaginative with my house. I just keep going with as real as possible. Well maybe the next one. Oh did I say that? No I can only have one.

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