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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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    I paint, draw, and work way too much. I usually have three massive projects on the go at any one time, as such I occasionally drop off the face of the earth.

    I will be blogging my progress, feel free to check in on me from time to time :)


    When I had access to a workshop I passed the time building primitive dollhouses, just getting started with the kits as I'm without saws now. As such i'll list my experience at two houses complete.

    First kit project - The Chantilly half scale, a christmas present for my mother.

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  1. dooder85

    New Glencroft

    I'm finally getting back into the builds after the fire took out my old ones. It was so disheartening to have to start over from the beginning - but i can fix the things that I didn't love in the first build I suppose!
  2. dooder85

    wallpaper 1.JPG

    yeah i want it to brown / age, so that's what i'm hoping for
  3. I have a book that outlines the construction of arched / paladin windows, I will take pics when I get home for you.
  4. I've been out of this for too long.. i forgot the golden rule that is "dry fit", my progress has been hindered a few times now by having to re do a few things lol
  5. So its official, i'll never finish the glencroft or the others. Had a bit of a house fire in an unbelievable stroke of luck (?) I had a lily kit in the trunk of the car, so i guess that's what i'm doing while my house is rebuilt. I've gone through the blogs, it looks like this kit has a few tricks to it - can anyone remember some things they'd wish they had done differently in a build?
  6. dooder85

    Yet another wash

    I Was sad about it to, literally pouted for years trying to decide how to fix that outside fixture. I like it now tho, I may clay over the stones on the chimney as well, still debating that one, but it seems like it would be a good idea at this point.
  7. dooder85


    I've finally decided to finish this thing, or work on it again. after some of the fixtures were eaten by the cat I was pretty frustrated with the whole hobby. I have the big job pretty much done, removing the old paper clay and renovating the front of the house. Going to go with bricking this time, i think the house needs a bit of colour.
  8. dooder85

    new bricking

    yeah i'll do the colour washes and get them to a reddish brown colour like i did on the Newberg
  9. Amazing job on this house, it makes me want one desperately lol
  10. dooder85

    new bricking

    Thanks all, the shingles are paper clay w/ minwax stain.. i think red oak and Pecan. it's held up pretty well
  11. Thanks guys, appreciated definitely, takes some of the sting out of having to re-do it lol
  12. dooder85


    This is much easier when you can do it all in one sheet, pottery skills came in handy finally !
  13. dooder85


    yes the brick is a big improvement, i got carried away with this house and was planning a red tile roof, but then forgot and textured the shingles lol. The red brick should bring back some of the look i was going for
  14. I don't know why i keep forgetting about sketchup - i'll start drafting it up tonight lol
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