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    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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    I paint, draw, and work way too much. I usually have three massive projects on the go at any one time, as such I occasionally drop off the face of the earth.

    I will be blogging my progress, feel free to check in on me from time to time :)


    When I had access to a workshop I passed the time building primitive dollhouses, just getting started with the kits as I'm without saws now. As such i'll list my experience at two houses complete.

    First kit project - The Chantilly half scale, a christmas present for my mother.

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  1. dooder85

    New Glencroft

    I'm finally getting back into the builds after the fire took out my old ones. It was so disheartening to have to start over from the beginning - but i can fix the things that I didn't love in the first build I suppose!
  2. dooder85

    wallpaper 1.JPG

    yeah i want it to brown / age, so that's what i'm hoping for
  3. I have a book that outlines the construction of arched / paladin windows, I will take pics when I get home for you.
  4. I'd do this the more labour intensive way, but you'll be happier with the result i think - get the terra cotta paperclay and a pasta maker, glue skewers to your roof structure and flatten the paper clay, then run it through the linguine maker - lay the strips over the roof, the skewers will give you the "corrugation", and then with water colours or an acrylic wash go over the clay tiles to give some variation - you can also put textures into the tiles if you want before the clay sets. it's amazing stuff, and half way through you may cry, wondering why in hell you listened, but in the end it's totally worth it.
  5. I've been out of this for too long.. i forgot the golden rule that is "dry fit", my progress has been hindered a few times now by having to re do a few things lol
  6. So its official, i'll never finish the glencroft or the others. Had a bit of a house fire in an unbelievable stroke of luck (?) I had a lily kit in the trunk of the car, so i guess that's what i'm doing while my house is rebuilt. I've gone through the blogs, it looks like this kit has a few tricks to it - can anyone remember some things they'd wish they had done differently in a build?
  7. I would try making a thick chalk paint, kill 2 birds with one stone. the recipe i use for furniture is 2 cups latex paint to 2 tablespoons plaster to 1 tbsp water.. if you upped the plaster to maybe 4 and a bit more water.. it should work. the paint will thicken, but slowly, so it will give you time to work with it.
  8. When i've used actual hinges on my doors, i first sanded the door to ensure it would swing open/closed, and then hinge on one of the doorframe pieces prior to gluing it to the wall, it avoids the awkward angles that can happen in the tiny hallways
  9. dooder85

    Yet another wash

    I Was sad about it to, literally pouted for years trying to decide how to fix that outside fixture. I like it now tho, I may clay over the stones on the chimney as well, still debating that one, but it seems like it would be a good idea at this point.
  10. dooder85


    I've finally decided to finish this thing, or work on it again. after some of the fixtures were eaten by the cat I was pretty frustrated with the whole hobby. I have the big job pretty much done, removing the old paper clay and renovating the front of the house. Going to go with bricking this time, i think the house needs a bit of colour.
  11. unrelated note, what game are you playing in the background? it looks interesting
  12. unrelated note, what game are you playing in the background? it looks interesting
  13. I've ordered a few things off wish, not miniatures however - they do take a while to ship, but generally pretty good quality. i wouldn't be too nervous about buying it.
  14. dooder85

    new bricking

    yeah i'll do the colour washes and get them to a reddish brown colour like i did on the Newberg
  15. Amazing job on this house, it makes me want one desperately lol
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