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  1. Thanks so much, everyone!! I had to abandon my first idea when it didn't come together the way I wanted, so I started another kit in the final stretch! Congrats to Keli as well! I know a few of the entries from Instagram but am looking forward to seeing all the other entries when they announce the big winners.
  2. Awesome work all around! I love an old car and an old garage!
  3. otterine

    Old Garage

    Project originally for the Creatin' Contest 2020 but shelved for the time being.
  4. I am seeking a Grandt Line Spooky Hollow kit. These are 1:144 scale kits and apparently no longer made.
  5. Thank you!! I'm eager to see if your hubby was right @Tigpuppy
  6. otterine


    It looks beautiful!
  7. otterine

    Misc minis

    Items for future projects or just because I love them! :D
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