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  1. HBS Creatin' Contest 2020 There's a garage, but what will be inside?
  2. I am seeking a Grandt Line Spooky Hollow kit. These are 1:144 scale kits and apparently no longer made.
  3. Thank you!! I'm eager to see if your hubby was right @Tigpuppy
  4. otterine


    It looks beautiful!
  5. otterine

    Misc minis

    Items for future projects or just because I love them! :D
  6. otterine

    Robox at rest

    Yeah, he's a character!
  7. HBS Creatin' Contest 2019 Rural Free Delivery has come to the village of Ivy Hollow! Mr. McCants and his trusty equine companion Jebediah will make sure your mail arrives at your home safely and in a timely manner. Register your address at the local post office today! ------ RFD - Rural Free Delivery - transformed the landscape of rural towns by removing the arduous chore of traveling long miles to the post office as well as providing greater access to goods and services. Mail order increased purchasing options for individuals and fueled business. Mail carriers were responsible
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