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  1. Oh my gosh Holly, of course we used to do the same thing with balloons. I had forgotten that little piece of my childhood. I think that is the ticket here.
  2. This was posted on a mini Facebook site. I don't know who to give the credit to but thought you would all enjoy it.
  3. Congrats! I'm not surprised that it took an award. So cute!
  4. I so much agree, there is talent and imagination oozing out of every page. That is what is so inspirational though . I see these beautiful builds and I want mine to be just as perfect. It keeps me moving forward and not giving up. Perhaps by the time I get to my 5th build I will achieve my goal.
  5. What a happy little house! I'm so glad you decided to take this journey and allow us to take it with you. I love the history and you have really nailed it keeping the old and adding the new. It is beautiful.
  6. There is one table currently on Ebay with a buy it now.Item number 251987212310.
  7. Okay this is what I know of airbrushing. Yes you can use any type of paint. All paints will need to be thinned before they will spray correctly. Usually a very small compressor is used because it doesn't take much air to run one. A larger air compressor can be used if it has a regulator to get the pressure way down. Yes the airbrush gun has two screws to control the amount of air going through it and the amount of paint being sprayed. It really is a great way to go. Once you have the initial cost it will pay for itself quickly in using craft paint instead of spray cans, not to mention the fumes. The only real drawbacks are the learning curve and the clean up each time you use it.
  8. Deb, your curtains are so delicate and perfect. Very nice! Well I had shoulder surgery 2weeks ago and I can't do anything with this arm for at least another month. So that means no mini work. I'll just have to live my mini world through all of you for awhile. So give me a lot to read and look at to get me through it.
  9. Looking fantastic! You are such a tease. Show us more. Lol
  10. As far as how many you will need. My bricks were approximately 1/2 X 3/4 inch and it would take about 270 bricks to do a 10 X 10 inch square. I used about 1600 on my foundation.
  11. Yep all this will work fine. One thing to keep in mind though, when you use a rolling pin to roll it out it could be too smooth. You want to keep a nice texture on one side. Try evening out the layer with your fingers and patting it with towels so you don't roll out that nice texture. Keep in mind also not to get too thick that you can't cut it. It is fun and has many uses. Maybe you can find a cheap mixer or blender at a garage sale or thrift store.
  12. Roxy, you can make your own by soaking newspaper in water. Mix it until it becomes a pulp. Them spread it out thinly over a screen or cloth and dry completely.
  13. Oh Deb that sounds wonderful! The final piece to the puzzle. You can just see the happiness you felt building this house It is wonderful! Thank you for a generous dose of eye candy.
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