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  1. Deb, your curtains are so delicate and perfect. Very nice! Well I had shoulder surgery 2weeks ago and I can't do anything with this arm for at least another month. So that means no mini work. I'll just have to live my mini world through all of you for awhile. So give me a lot to read and look at to get me through it.
  2. Looking fantastic! You are such a tease. Show us more. Lol
  3. Deb , I think I can say from all of us that your always welcome to bend our ear. There's always a shoulder to rest on here.
  4. Cheers to you Deb! Can't wait to see the pictures. Those colors are so pretty I see why you like them
  5. It looks fantastic! All your long hours have paid off well.
  6. How cute! Those little guys are certainly clever.
  7. Wow I love the details! It is very pretty!
  8. MiniCrazy

    IMG 4378

    That is very pretty! I would have had to shut my ears, so I didn't hear my wallet scream, and bought it too.
  9. MiniCrazy


    Trying to decide which set of stairs to go with.
  10. I bought a set of the "As seen on TV" "Big vision" glasses. They are glasses that magnify and you can wear them over your regular glasses. They work really well. I was skeptical but they are great for mini work. One word of warning though, they scratch very easy so be careful where you lay them down.
  11. So much rain we are thinking of building an ark. Our yard has turned into swamp land but no major flooding in our little town yet. Many other towns around us are starting the sandbag routine as the rivers fill to capacity. It makes for hot and sticky air in between showers so I hide in the house with my air conditioning. I can't tolerate the heat any more. More time for minis!
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