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    I'm a divorced mom of two grown children ( Ryan 20 and Heather 23), and a corgi mix dog.Four years ago we moved in with my mother, she has health problems and really didn't need to live alone. I was able to use my Dad's old workshop as place to build my dollhouses, unfortunately I haven't been able lately to do much . Just too much real life crap to deal with. I really hope to get back to it soon as building is my stress relief.

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    Paula O'Neal
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  1. Very exciting! An Orchid will make a perfect beach house!
  2. Alamom

    Red Squirrel

    He is adorable! I love squirrels!
  3. Yep! I too, would say them stems are tiny! Great job as always!
  4. They look great and I like wonky!
  5. Alamom


    Very pretty!!!
  6. Alamom

    attic-left side

    I think it looks just fine. In older homes it is not unusual to find odd sized-shaped doors.
  7. Alamom


    Wonderful, love it!
  8. Alamom

    Modge podge melts

    Great job, they look wonderful!
  9. Alamom


    She's perfect!
  10. Alamom

    AM May 2014

    Spectacular and well deserved! Congratulations!
  11. This is so cute and so detailed!
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