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    I'm a divorced mom of two grown children ( Ryan 20 and Heather 23), and a corgi mix dog.Four years ago we moved in with my mother, she has health problems and really didn't need to live alone. I was able to use my Dad's old workshop as place to build my dollhouses, unfortunately I haven't been able lately to do much . Just too much real life crap to deal with. I really hope to get back to it soon as building is my stress relief.

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  1. I have finally moved to a new apartment and will hopefully be able to work on minis soon. I did have to let go of most of the houses that I had, because of space. I still have alot of unbuilt kits and I am going to concentrate on my Willowcrest, that I already have. I would however, be very open to that Victorianna that was supposed to be re-released a very long time ago.
  2. As always, I still want a Victorianna. I have all the other dollhouses I could possibly build. Of course, if they made a Beacon Hill or Willowcrest in half scale I would have to have those too. Right now I can't build anything, all my stuff is in storage and I am looking for a new place, I even cleared out a few of the dollhouses that I had, so I may have a little room for a new one later (when I can get back to building).
  3. Very exciting! An Orchid will make a perfect beach house!
  4. Alamom

    Red Squirrel

    He is adorable! I love squirrels!
  5. Another place for online shopping is. http://www.catofashions.com. They have fashionable plus sizes and very reasonable prices. I have a couple of their stores here, they also have great clearance sales.
  6. Yep! I too, would say them stems are tiny! Great job as always!
  7. They look great and I like wonky!
  8. I don't know of anywhere to get the actual ones that come with the kit. However, when I remodeled my Canterbury, I traced the actual window openings and created my own from poster board to use for the interior windows and doors.
  9. In the last few years, the stores here have begun to carry much better plus size selections. We are very lucky that they finally realized that we bigger ladies want nice too. I remember how everything plus sized always looked like stuff for my grandmother. My 23 year old daughter is also plus sized and is able to find very stylish things for herself. My tastes are much more simple, but I don't want "old lady" stuff, even if i am old. I like soft fabrics and color.
  10. I have on a loose fitted long white tee that has a very colorful butterfly print with glitter, a pair of turquoise knit capris, and no shoes. This is my usual wear, but if I am going somewhere, I normally wear jeans ( since it's hot , cropped jeans) with my colorful tops. For shoes, I wear flat everything. I love jewelry (silver) , so I am wearing 6 bracelets on one wrist and two on the other and three necklaces. I usually have rings on several fingers and of course some earrings. Hair is usually in a ponytail. At one time, I would not be caught out without makeup ( I have hereditary dar
  11. Alamom


    Very pretty!!!
  12. Alamom

    attic-left side

    I think it looks just fine. In older homes it is not unusual to find odd sized-shaped doors.
  13. That is so true! I am not a very social person ,but I feel very comfortable here on this forum and it is because of all the wonderful people here!
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