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Egg carton bricks

Egg carton bricks

My first attempt. I glued them on freehand without guidelines so they are a little wonky. Lesson learned. Think I may use sandless tile grout for the mortar. I'd love to use this technique to brick the exterior of a Lily but it will take forever to make enough bricks.

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My first house - Westville construction

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bricks are supposed to be wonky.

(used that word to my heart Dr. and he looked at me like I was nuts.....my legs sometimes feel wonky LOL)

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L Swearengin, Your doc didn't understand because it's a technical term :lol: I like your wonky brick! They will look better to you after you grout them.

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Wonky? They look great! I've grouted a couple of things, and I'm a first timer. I used regular spackling compound on both my mat board based tiles, master bath floor and slate tiled porch, and I used lightweight hydrocal, a Woodland Scenics product, to grout the real clay terra cotta tiles in my conservatory. They both look the same, but I got better results when I had brushed one coat of Modge Podge only on the surface I wanted free of grout and let it dry before applying the grout. Regular spackling compound is much cheaper, and you don't have to mix it.

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