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  1. Starting a new project. 1" scale Diana from Greenleaf. This is the first time I've worked with laser cuts. Well worth the extra cost. I wish Greenleaf would make a laser cut Beacon Hill - I'd be all over that! This one will be a "stone' lake house cottage. Three slightly different colors of egg cartons were used with a dry brush of color over the paper. Base of house painted a dark grey/green to simulate grout between stones. The whole thing was finished with 2 coats of matte Mod Podge.
  2. Hi & welcome. Are you in Little Rock? I recently moved from Los Angeles to Little Rock and have been looking for fellow miniaturists in my area.
  3. HI, I just ordered the 1:12 Diana laser cut. Can anyone tell me the width of the house foundation? The overall width is listed as 28" but that would include the projection of the 2 bay windows on the sides. I'm looking for the footprint of the house dimensions so I can find out if it will fit on a table I have set aside for it.
  4. Never2manyShoes


    I chopped up a the stamens of a larger silk flower and hot glue gunned them to the house.
  5. This RGT Mountain View Cottage And the Westville earned $750 for Hearts with Hope charity at a silent auction last weekend! Helping children get much needed heart surgeries.
  6. Looking forward to your future posts. I would love a tutorial on using this kit.
  7. What's the story about the box of donated ties?
  8. Great idea painting the sofa. It turned out great.
  9. Never2manyShoes

    Orchid beach house

    This is my second build. I'm going for a shabby chic beach house vibe.
  10. Nice urban view. What city is this?
  11. Never2manyShoes

    Step A1

    Great idea to use boxes to get the walls squared up. So simple! Why didn't I think of that? Definitely will do that in the future.
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