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  1. Starting a new project. 1" scale Diana from Greenleaf. This is the first time I've worked with laser cuts. Well worth the extra cost. I wish Greenleaf would make a laser cut Beacon Hill - I'd be all over that! This one will be a "stone' lake house cottage. Three slightly different colors of egg cartons were used with a dry brush of color over the paper. Base of house painted a dark grey/green to simulate grout between stones. The whole thing was finished with 2 coats of matte Mod Podge.
  2. Hi & welcome. Are you in Little Rock? I recently moved from Los Angeles to Little Rock and have been looking for fellow miniaturists in my area.
  3. HI, I just ordered the 1:12 Diana laser cut. Can anyone tell me the width of the house foundation? The overall width is listed as 28" but that would include the projection of the 2 bay windows on the sides. I'm looking for the footprint of the house dimensions so I can find out if it will fit on a table I have set aside for it.
  4. Never2manyShoes


    I chopped up a the stamens of a larger silk flower and hot glue gunned them to the house.
  5. This RGT Mountain View Cottage And the Westville earned $750 for Hearts with Hope charity at a silent auction last weekend! Helping children get much needed heart surgeries.
  6. Never2manyShoes

    Orchid beach house

    This is my second build. I'm going for a shabby chic beach house vibe.
  7. I've got a door that sticks as well. I'll try the sandpaper trick. Thanks for the tip.
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