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  1. Oh..I also have a few cottages...wanting me to smash them on the wall. Your not alone ;) My grandmother had a old stone and dirt floor cellar it was just about head height. As she got older she was a bit hunched over and she never seemed to mind the height. So I think your "seasoned" gal will have no issues with some :visual play: ;) Also I would give thought to landscaping height. Cottage on the hill...why not? Looks like it certainy has room for a cellar and nice stone stairs about, so no rock climbing :yes: I dunno, I took a break from blogging and then just wrote up all this blabber here... *smiles*
  2. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Beauuuuuuuuuuutiful! the garden looks so lush!
  3. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    OMG Debora sooooo beauiful!! Stunning work lady and your flowers are perfecton!
  4. Jane S

    Oversized visitor

    They looooove the houses!
  5. Thanks folks! These pieces were a single bake besides the stone base, which I prebaked. That way you can add your "dirt, stones, house, moss" and just press it into the soft uncooked "dirt" All.. Scrap clay ;)
  6. Wow love the rusted leaking look!
  7. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Wow the roof is awesome!
  8. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Sooooo fabulously done lady! Wow!
  9. I love the houses. I've done a few polymer covered birdhouses for my daughters gardens. She has decorated her large tub already, we are probably going to do a small village in one of the side flower beds since pots are filed everywhere! Lol I did a few micro fairy gardens in clay a bit back. I also did a placeable stone ringed garden for a customer. I would certainly suggest trying clay if you are going for tiny with detail but then again I ..do.. Like the clay ;) Micro gardens shot} http://img00.deviantart.net/2c17/i/2015/117/6/2/micro_fairy_gardens_by_minifanaticus-d7g2eds.jpg
  10. Jane S


    Fantastic work!
  11. Jane S

    kitchen window

    Always love your shots!
  12. Wow! A fantastic swap! The origami bird is a stunning thing, Someone sent me a little set ( hugs!! )
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