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  1. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Beauuuuuuuuuuutiful! the garden looks so lush!
  2. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    OMG Debora sooooo beauiful!! Stunning work lady and your flowers are perfecton!
  3. Jane S

    Oversized visitor

    They looooove the houses!
  4. Wow love the rusted leaking look!
  5. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Wow the roof is awesome!
  6. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Sooooo fabulously done lady! Wow!
  7. Jane S


    Fantastic work!
  8. Jane S

    kitchen window

    Always love your shots!
  9. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Soooo tiny and amazing looking!
  10. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    LOVE them!!!
  11. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    I feel like i need a tutorial with all these amazing flowers....hummmmm?
  12. Jane S

    Tudor Cottage

    Wow this is such a lovely little house!! The stone and timber with the plaster is so classicly stylish! Love it ;)
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