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  1. W.O.W! I am jealous of your bashing skills and vision ! Wickedly awesome!
  2. While I was researching, Google image shows those that you have in your Treasure Chest. I wasn't sure if they are real or not. Thanks for confirming.
  3. Thank you Carrie. I started making pumpkins all the way in the summer for some reasons. For your 1:144 Georgian House kit, do you remember what kind of lights you use? I've seen the big version of that house only.
  4. I submitted my pumpkins for the regional pumpkin carving contest and I won. Just want to share the colorful colors with you. Here in Texas the leaves are still green on the trees. The 2nd one is the current fairy house that I started last night. Thanks for stopping by. https://www.flickr.com/photos/54971771@N04/albums/72157716749195306 https://www.flickr.com/photos/54971771@N04/albums/72157716753309977
  5. I need to get out more. ;) I am always behind on trends. I might be developing an obsession. ;)
  6. Just learned about these. https://www.google.com/search?q=book+nooks&safe=off&hl=en&tbm=isch&sxsrf=ALeKk01hMnZ232cyee245-nreSU3bSgzUA:1596142023337&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-g7-y7PXqAhWVU80KHb9mAe8Q_AUICygC&biw=1278&bih=650&dpr=1
  7. Thank you for checking it out and for the compliment. I was inspired 'moving' art where you 'see' the wind is blowing with leaves/ clothes. The dog is coming out with a tennis ball from the house- The ball is under the door. Your tea light is fabulous!
  8. I made this a while back and like the new version. My mother in law approved the new details as it was a gift to her. What do you think? It was my first time using the battery lights. Sorry for the 2 links- I am working with Flickr to sort out my log in info. https://www.flickr.com/photos/54971771@N04/
  9. I haven't thought of that. Now you've got my brain going....
  10. Aw. Thanks guys. The underlying form is a small plastic food bucket with a lid. I wasn't aware of the annual cleaning since I already sealed it. Oops. Carrie- The flickering fireplace is fun and the dress shop is so cute. I would wear the polka dot dress and the rosette dresses in real life. Your nursery turns out very cute. I have a small real life exterior light that I will repurpose and that gave me some ideas on what to do. Thanks for posting your mini journey for us to learn.
  11. Hi everyone, This is my project from today: a birdhouse. I haven't put the pictures in an album yet. https://www.flickr.com/photos/54971771@N04/
  12. https://www.awesomeinventions.com/monokubo-gentle-giant-animals/
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