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    I'm a wife, mommy and hairdresser. I usually create elaborate birthday parties for my son and make props for months to prepare for his theme of choice. This is my first dollhouse build and I'm not really sure I should call it that. It's not a dollhouse anymore. It's a magical castle! Lol

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  1. Bashing is fun. Google images can sometimes lead to sales pages. Also check Craig's list. Don't be discouraged if you don't find exactly what you are looking for. Someone may not know what they have and a simple search for "wood doolhouse" could bring it up in a search.
  2. Darby, Do some google searches . Some searches will lead you to other sources. Goodwill online for example. Your best bet is to try to find another one and bash it for parts.
  3. KariW

    Play side of house.jpg

    Well heck yeah it's heavy! Look at how thick that wood is! I just LOVE a find like this. How great is this project going to be!?! I'm jealous. Lol
  4. Oh I feel your pain. I felt that way when I took on redoing mine, but after I relaxed, I had so much fun redoing it. Look on eBay for parts. That's where I always look first. If there is a dollhouse store in your area, visit! And by all means, do a google image search for similar houses for inspiration. I had to take on each room as a project. If I looked at the house as a whole, it was almost too much. Baby steps.
  5. KariW

    Bathroom spa

    I got this paper in the Michaels scrapbook in section. I know! I just love the cherry blossoms too. I said as I made this room, " I could live in this room".
  6. KariW

    a gift.

    Thank you! It's such a big project. One I would rather not do again. Just the space is so limited, when the house is that big. It was a great experience to work with so much availability, as far as decor. There is certainly no shortage of plastic Barbie stuff out there. The girls still play with it, so it feels good. They promised that when they out grow it, they will pass it along to another child in foster care.
  7. KariW

    It's deep

    I sandwiched two floors and now when I get my ceiling paper finished, I can nail my floor in place. My stairs are now too short,but I'm not even bothered by that. The floor support was a much bigger problem.
  8. I've got mad respect for people who only scratch build.
  9. I took your advice and I think it should work!! Thanks!
  10. KariW

    Craigs list find!

    I think I have bitten off more than I can chew with this one. I saved the roof and columns and am rebuilding the house itself. It's sooooo hard! After this I won't be attempting scratch builds again. I ( unfortunately ) watched gone with the wind and am trying to blend the three houses from the movie to create this interior. Holy cow! I've set the bar way too high. I keep changing the bottom floor, because once I started thinking about adding the ceiling, I realized I had blocked sight of rooms with walls, so out the walls came. Now I'm thinking columns to divide rooms with no walls at all, bu
  11. KariW


    Thank you! It was fun to watch it come back to life.
  12. KariW


    It really was trashed. The exterior stuff I had to cover up. As I tried to pry off the wood decorative trim pieces, the wood was splintering. I used wood filler to cover everything, then carved it to look like stone while it was just setting up. Then painted to look like stone.
  13. KariW


    I still removed walls. The wood was peeling apart and splintering. The floors were even bowed.
  14. KariW


    She's finished! All the pics are posted now. She was a mess, but I got her resuscitated!
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