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Happy 2024


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Happy New Year to all. Our household is still pretty much a mess with daughter, two grown grandkids, and a CAT living with us. Hopefully they will find their own place pretty soon. 
Hoping to get back to my 1:48 schoolhouse soon. 

Hugs to all my wonderful Greenleaf family. 😊

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Sarah, on our first post-retirement trip our last stop before French Canada was Burlington, VT, where we stopped over Labor Day week and all the people in the campground kept apologizing to us Floridians for their "unseasonably hot" weather; "It got up to 80 three different times!"  We managed to wait to get inside the camper before we fell out...

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Well, Imma be the grinch here. Our low tonight is supposed to be 39°. Our HIGH on Friday will be 24° with lows in the teens. And possible snow. We have FIVE - count 'em - five weather warnings up right now: wind, flooding, slide possibility, gale warning, and small craft advisory. Because of the freezing nighttime temps, I'll need to go outside and turn off the water for 9 nights in a row and for 3 days I won't even be able to turn it on again in case my outside spigots freeze with the water inside them. The only thing I'm happy about is if the power goes out, I don't have to worry about losing any food, since it'll be colder in my trailer than it will be inside the freezer. Holly, gimme that 80°. I'll take it and no one has to apologize for it. And y'all remember I said that when I start to complain about the heat this summer. LOL


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