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  1. Congratulations Grazhina, and Muriel that floor is lovely:) The family and I are about to start a new adventure....moving.
  2. A peanut butter egg is a sweetened peanut butter filling that is shaped into a flattened egg and then coated with chocolate. They are delicious!
  3. Oops, sorry Jackie for the repeat. My pc is behaving in a slightly wonky manner lately, and I somehow missed what you said
  4. MDF isn't strong enough to stand up to a metal scraper hence the plastic one would be your friend. Go easy as MDF likes to tear away in bunches. Also keep in mind that MDF does do fairly well with wood filler if you should make a big hole...also caulk hides a multitude of issues
  5. Unfortunately there are no easy methods for stripping paint from anything With the number of paint layers you are talking about you might not have to worry as much about it being porous as the first coat of paint usually gets sucked right in and fills it up. I might take a piece and try a chemical stripper with a heat gun and a plastic scraper. Then, invest in a Dremel tool if you don't have one already; sure beats sanding by hand. Curious as to what kind of paint you used?
  6. My MIL once received a watch as a Christmas present....3 YEARS AFTER her sister sent it
  7. Ah, it's your first time working with quality control inspectors? They can be very demanding, but keeping a nice cardboard box in your work area helps...sometimes
  8. I remember mine being about an inch long and less than 1/4 in diameter. What do you want to make?
  9. I have lots of nail polish tools that could be adopted seamlessly into minis. Just do an internet search for nail stamping and think of the possibilities
  10. He was just doing his job as a structural engineer
  11. An 8 quart instant pot fits 4 pint jars. I use mine to make yogurt....although I haven't had time for much of anything lately except work
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