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  1. I want my houses to be a little more realistic. However, they always end up a little quirky and I swear the houses do it on purpose.
  2. If I didn't laugh at dollhouse building, I would cry. Take yesterday. After sanding...and sanding...and sanding...I finally called it a day and cleaned all that dusty residue out of the house. Naturally, I started with the bottom floor, then did the top floor and...you guessed it. A nice breeze came up and blew ALL that dust back into the bottom floor again. It doesn't help that I have to sand everything because I had to use wood filler on practically the whole house. It's like when I glue. People always want to know whether I'm glueing or painting. So people now look at
  3. I was having a wonderful time using the wood filler to fill in all the cracks (or in my case GAPS). It's so much like finger painting. Then came SANDING. If I had known how much I hate sanding I'd have taken up fly fishing instead of dollhouses. I think there is a conspiracy regarding brads and nails. I'm convinced the makers deliberately put in crooked ones in every package just so they can laugh at me trying to nail them in. Water based and water soluble only mean if one teeny drop of moisture touches what you're working on, it will dissolve, disintegrate, curl up and die. Wat
  4. Kells, I hope your hand comes back. Wait, that didn't come out right. Well, you know what I mean. I've been all over since the virus started and wearing only a Kleenex over my mouth and nose. It should be a bandana but I haven't been anywhere I could buy one. I can't wear a mask because I get a panic attack when something is pressing over my mouth. So I've been lucky or I've had the virus and just didn't know it. Which could be the case since I've been to Urgent Care twice and the doctor's office three times (for other things). No places better for picking up the virus! But I g
  5. We were getting very worried about you, Jeannine! Glad to hear from you!
  6. That is to say, I GREW CORN. At least it didn't sub with a p.
  7. I miss you guys! So far I'm still in my trailer and I had a great summer. I started a garden and green some watermelons, vorn, cherry tomatoes, and strawberries. I've had deer visit me (and my garden) on a daily basis. Lots of birds, hawks, a hummingbird, and other assorted creatures(some welcome, some not) have also dropped in. The contractor is "working" on a lot swap where I would swap my lot for one of his and in the process get a loan for septic and a better place to live in So far it's been off and on, mostly off, so I'm not really counting on this. But i have enough to p
  8. Well, we've had something like 22 or 23 straight days of rain in January and somebody said 26" of rain in our area last month. Yesterday it was snow again. The trailer now has a tarp on it, so we're good there. But the mold problem is getting out of control. I just cleaned mold off of the walls a week or so ago and it's back already. Of course, the propane heater has a lot to do with it. But the good news is the contractor told me he bought all the remaining lots for sale and he is going to put electricity on all of them, including mine. This is supposed to take place sometime this s
  9. I'm so sorry, Rebecca. It must be harder for you now because you had thought he was getting better.
  10. Yeah, that would be me. That was such an embarrassing sale for me. It's been years and years since I sold anything on eBay and I naturally thought I could use the money from the house to ship it. Silly me, you have to have a shipping number to put in before Paypal releases the funds. So then I was stuck having to explain to the buyer that I wouldn't be able to afford to ship her house till the beginning of this month. THEN Paypal released the funds anyway and I shipped the house the next week. Kudos to a patient buyer. On top of everything else, she actually sent me a thank you note
  11. Don't throw out the instructions! If you ever resell the house, the new buyer will want them. Personally, I'd keep the house. It's a nice house and it's not that difficult to put together if you can hammer some nails in. You won't mess it up. And in terms of money, you really got a bargain. Most kits using 3/8" wood cost more than what you paid and then you have to buy the doors, windows, and staircases separately. First thing is to see if there is a list of parts with the house. If there is, just go carefully through the parts and label them with a pencil. You can also use
  12. I want to go to Key West. After the rainstorms we had at Christmas, we then got SNOW about 2 weeks ago! I got about an inch the first night, then 5 inches a couple days later, then another couple of inches the next day. Then it started to rain (got rid of the snow all right) and it's been raining non-stop since then. All our roads are flooded. It's been so much fun. Not. I had put out 4 plastic buckets (the humanure thing is over - poop in sawdust is going out with the trash now) and they been out there for about a week and a half. This morning I went to rinse them out (how silly) and they eac
  13. Hey guys, I'd post more often but nothing happens. Same old, same old. The weather is a good topic. We've had rain like you wouldn't believe. About a week ago we had a storm that dropped something like 5" of rain on us in about 2 days. Naturally, I was out in the middle of it and while there weren't too many slides, there was a ton of water over the road. I have one headlight and that makes it hard to drive in the rain. I'm sure glad the contractor insisted on putting in a driveway for me. Otherwise I'd be up to my door handles in mud. Today is pretty nice and warm again (war
  14. I have mice and it's NOT a good thing. I went shopping with Lisa on Monday and got some new shoes. Night before last, I was making macaroni and cheese and spilled the macaroni all over the floor. Naturally, this is when I discover I have no dustpan. So I just swept it all up in a corner. Yesterday I put on the shoes and thought I had a rock in one of them. I shook it out and it was a macaroni noodle. Oh, okay. This morning I shook out the shoe again. Nothing. But when I turned the other shoe upside down, ALL the macaroni I'd swept up came cascading out. Some mouse thinks my
  15. I don't know much about the company, but Afton did make quite a few nice dollhouses. Their roofs (rooves?) seemed to be very steep and high - that's one way I ID them, Older catalogs still have pictures of Afton houses and I have one catalog from The Dollhouse Factory that listed their houses.
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