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Kitchen Diva (building a Lily dollhouse)

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I received a Lily doll house from my son 18 yrs ago for caring for his wife and their newborn twins.  To say that I have procrastinated is an understatement. They just turned 18 and I am just beginning the doll house!  I am already lost at the doors. I wish there were pictures of what to do along with the directions.  Just looking at the box does not really help and I an afraid I may have already messed up by separating all the perforated pieces of the doors! Any help would be appreciated.

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Welcome Charlene,

I have not built the Lily, but I recommend labeling the pieces you have removed, and then label anything else you remove with the sheet number and piece number. Here is a blog from one of our members showing construction.


Everything is fixable, so don't stress.

You can ask @fov to change your member name. She probably will see this post since I noted her. You can message her privately as well, just hover the curser over her highlighted name and the is a message icon at the bottom.

~~~~~Good luck, and ask questions~~~~

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Welcome, Charlene! The Lily was the very first house that I built, back in 2006, and boy did I learn alot on that house! (Like, don't paint over surfaces that need to be glued together... :p) I have gotten a second Lily kit and intend to try it again after 13 years. I'm thinking egg-carton brick exterior. Looking forward to seeing your build!

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