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  1. Thank you! I don't recall which (many) specific online resources I looked at when I really got into EPP (I finished a La Passacaglia quilt top a few years back-- have yet to finish the quilting yet! ), but this is a pretty decent blog entry for starters. I really enjoy the "fussy-cutting" part, to highlight specific patterns in the cloth. The La P: I used hexies for a mini quilt the other year: I think they were 1/4"-sided. That one was fun:
  2. Perhaps I'll have to make some more, as extras. I've always hated how my bed-dressings stick out at the bed sides, so I decided to do something about that. I sewed in some soft wire that I had lying around. For the paper-pieced quilts, I stitched it into the backing before I sewed on the backing. I have read of folks using aluminum foil for this also, but I think it would have to be pretty stiff foil for the materials I'm using. Here I am picking out all the papers. English paper-piecing is a tedious way to go (especially with 3/8" squares), but I enjoy it and it really does keep the lines straight. The finished quilt: It keeps its shape nicely: And in place in the children's room: The crazy quilt was stitched onto its own backing, which I wanted to keep as-is because I think the stitching on the back-side is interesting. I sewed the wire into the perimeter, folding the extra over it. I am very pleased with how this turned out. It was fiddly, sewing the wire in, but worth the effort. I had thought about sewing on those little tassels all over (I think there's another name for them), but decided to leave well enough alone. Perhaps I will sew an extra quilt, and do it on that one.
  3. So pretty! Love the bricks and ivy.
  4. rbytsdy

    San Fran - finished!

    Some of the folks on the forum have alot of experience w/ MDF and could probably tell me where I went wrong, but the glue joints of the floors and walls had come loose with semi-disastrous effect. Perhaps nails or some sort of mechanical affixing would have prevented that. I like the Greenleaf plywood b/c it's lightweight, and easy to cut and more versatile for bashing (not to mention cheaper, and easier to move around and ship). I reinforce it with trim from the hardware store. I know that it won't be as sturdy as a cabinet-grade build, in that one can't sit on it and expect it to survive. My current build in my blog isn't Greenleaf but it's the same plywood, and old "Artply Allison" off eBay-- it looks nothing like the original kit!
  5. Well I saw this and got inspired to make my own crazy quilt! The other two are by means of English paper piecing, 3/8" squares-- it's the only way I can keep it looking neat. Boy this is addicting. The two paper-pieced quilts are still stiff, mostly due to still having their papers in them. I need to de-paper, then back the quilts. I hope these new pics added to my gallery don't mess up my pics in my blog posts for the past couple yrs. With the new upgrade, the mapping between my blog posts and galleries got muddled and I had to ask for edit privileges and re-map the pics in a bunch of posts. (I've only done about a year back, more to go.)
  6. rbytsdy

    San Fran - finished!

    Thank you for looking. Unfortunately it suffered some pretty major structural damage during shipping (cementing my dislike for MDF), and due to various domestic "dissolvings", I don't know where it has ended up by now...
  7. The closest I've ever gotten is a bit of an art deco theme for the San Fran. I enjoyed that a great deal-- will have to try it again. Would love to see pics of your Edwardian!
  8. Wow- the Newbergs sure are expensive on eBay these days. Pretty sure I paid half that price a year or two ago!
  9. Or matboard: http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com/2012/01/part-six-kitchen-cabinets-made-from-mat.html
  10. Love it! As for the "crunchy", I learned from Kris' upholstery tutorials to wrap around the back and glue there.
  11. rbytsdy

    auditioning paper.jpg

    What pretty staircase garnishes! Love that!
  12. Check out More Minis Harrison build blog too.
  13. Welcome, Deanne! The Willow is a nice big house, a big "canvas" to try out alot of things. I covered mine in eggcarton stone. Looking forward to seeing your build!
  14. Trying out the blog again-- looks like I "have used all the attachment space [I am] allowed". Hmmm. Using Kris' kitchen cabinet tutorial as a guide, but shortening everything to suit the mice: The cheese platter is from Ernie's (April Fool's sale). Splattered the counter-top twice: the first time I used a brush that was too soft, so I had to paint over it and splatter again with a stiffer coarser brush. Much better. And the cabinets, fit to the space (I used Kris' tut as a general guide and added my own shelf features): Here is Mrs Mouse to take over her kitchen: I made the table out of matboard, inspired by this lovely table; mine is not as slender and elegant as hers, but it is fairly sturdy, I think. And a little toy chest: And a cupboard for the bathroom: It is time for me to stop piddling around inside, and get back to the exterior and finish that front porch! I did get the house glued to a nice plywood base though.
  15. Whew-- Greenleaf forum is back! (Sorry, Dean, I was one of those people checking every day even though you told us not to... ) Still in stay-at-home here in NM, though my workload is even higher than it was before lockdown so no extra time for minis, but excited to post pictures of what I have managed to do when we get the go-ahead from Dean!
  16. But first, the banjo clock and upholstered chairs for the living room, that I made from Kris' tutorials. This is the first time that I've tried a sofa (I expanded Kris' patterns for the chairs), but they all turned out well. I lowered all the seats by one thickness of foam board, as I had done for the Calico Critters hedgehog family in the Shadybrook Cabin build. This is the first time that I have put piping all the way around the cushion (top), but I figured that I had to with the couch cushions, and the others would look funny if I didn't. I'm pleased with how these turned out-- the fabric was a good weight for this. I had measured that left wall to see how long to make the couch! Then I turned to another of Kris' tutorials, "bed with faux caning", which is unfortunately not on her blog anymore (but I had printed out this tut to pdf). The mattresses are from her shabby chic bed tutorial. This is the first time I've tried the buttons; they turned out OK, but I might look for some tiny nail art for buttons next time. This is the first time I've tried this bed tutorial; I used Kris' general directions, but I fit the height and width dimensions to what I actually needed for the mice (so I ended up making my own templates). I gessoed them then spray-painted them with the Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint that I've been using (which is actually a slight satin sheen) and I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. I got the rugs cheap on amazon. Now let me tell you about these chairs; I have made the parson's chair quite a few times and they have turned out moderately well, which is why I keep making them...! Well these guys fought me the whole way, and it took me a while to figure out why. First of all, the backs were too bendy-- looked like Dr. Seuss curlicue chair backs, so I ended up gluing tongue depressors on the back and dremeling them down (after they'd dried pretty well) so there wouldn't be too much thickness on the back. So that turned out pretty well. Then I got to the part where I was upholstering the chair backs, and I started to figure out that this fabric was too heavy of a weight for this design. There is some "fabric sculpting" that has to take place on the chair back and the cushion; I have always had difficulty with it, but never had wrinkles like this happening: So these chairs all had to have boxing to hide all that massive wrinkle, which is the first time I've done this on a parson's chair, but actually I like the way it looks. I abandoned the original cushions because I couldn't get them to look nice (fabric too thick) and they would make the mice sit too high anyway. Went for a simple pad. Found some cheap-ish 1mm waxed cotton cord on amazon; I sanded it down a bit with sandpaper before applying so it would stick in place, but it is growing on me-- the cord that I had been getting is a bit bigger, so this looks more in scale. Finally, some of the little odds and ends that my aunt sent me-- thanks, Aunt J!
  17. That is impressive! I'm an egg-carton person myself, but this is very nice work. I think she is/was a member here...?
  18. Wow, this is an old thread! I'm a workaholic, but in my downtime (like snowday today ) I enjoy working on my mini projects (currently a very bash-y bash of an old Artply Allison furnishing with Kris' furniture designs, of course) with/despite two rowdy spoiled bully dogs. I also enjoy watching mysteries like Poirot and Holmes, listening to opera, goldfish crackers, and solitude .
  19. Have you seen Gina's (MoreMinis) build blogs, including for the Garfield: they are very good: https://moreminis.blogspot.com/ Hang in there, and looking forward to seeing your build!
  20. Beacon Hill, or Tennyson has a good amount of fancy. Looking forward to seeing your new build!
  21. Very cute! ('Fraid it wouldn't last long with my dogs...! )
  22. Thanks! I am having alot of fun with it. No, it's for my little niece born this past summer. She won't mind that it's taking me a bit to finish.
  23. A few more shades-- More fiddling, and all the windows are dressed (a view of my home-made "pretty pleater"): My order from etsy came in-- I've been looking for the right sized toilet and bath furniture. Well the sink and ironing board are a bit tall, but they're Renwal so I won't cut them down. I will, however, spray-paint the tub and ironing board off-white. (Hide your eyes, vintage purists! ) The toilet isn't Renwal-- it doesn't appear to be marked-- but it is just the right size. I was so sad when Kris stopped blogging, but happy that she left her tutorials up, but then sad that the banjo clock wasn't on there. Today I looked again, and there's the banjo clock! Starting on a clock now.
  24. Banjo clock is back!! Thank you, Kris!
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