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  1. I am building a Lilly Dollhouse and am at the stage when the instruction call for assembling the railings and rail posts. I feel that if I do that at this stage I will be really hindered by the posts and railings when I am trying to put on the siding. Can the railings and rail posts wait until after I put on the siding? I have challenged dexterity at age 73!!
  2. After preparing front and side door casings( as on page 5) do you glue them around the door openings and then assemble the pediments and glue them onto the door casings. Placing the completed doors much later as on page 13?
  3. I received a Lily doll house from my son 18 yrs ago for caring for his wife and their newborn twins. To say that I have procrastinated is an understatement. They just turned 18 and I am just beginning the doll house! I am already lost at the doors. I wish there were pictures of what to do along with the directions. Just looking at the box does not really help and I an afraid I may have already messed up by separating all the perforated pieces of the doors! Any help would be appreciated.
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