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Back from Omaha!


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Just got back from Omaha. My cousin and I had fun at the workshop, and we have LOTS of plants for our houses now! There wasn't any big, expensive item at the show that I wanted, but I found lots of neat little things to put here and there. My niece and nephew LOVED the 50 cent grab bags and bought loads of them! My cousin won one door prize, two cute little dolls, and my nephew won another, and 1/4 scale kitchen table and chairs! He didn't want the kitchen set, so he traded me for a mechanic's tool box that I bought him.

Can't show you any of it--my pics won't download and are stuck in my camera.

Nephew Austin would also like a locker for his fire station. There was a great one at the show, but he understood when I told him I couldn't afford the $50 for it. Does anyone know of a cheaper one that I could buy?

Niece Brooke has had her dollhouse for two years. After one year, it still looked new. This year, the stair railing swere broken and half the furnishings were broken or missing. For example, there is almost nothng left of the bed except the mattress and flat board the mattress is glued to. The headboard, legs and rails are gone! Her mom says Brooke's friend plays too rough with it. I say it's up to them to stop her!

I sat down with Brooke and told her that I wasn't happy with the condition of her house. I told her that it took me lots of time and lots of money to give her that house, and I was very disappointed that she didn't take better care of it. I told her that I would fix what I could, but if I find more dameage when I return next year then there will be no more dollhouse stuff. My sister said that's enough, that Brooke got the message. I think sis is just upset that someone actually disciplined her daughter and set standards for her.

I grabbed what was left of the bed and told Brooke I was taking it. Brooke just said okey in a shaky voice. I told her I would make a headboard and legs for it, and give it a new bedspread that matched the wallpaper better. She smiled and hugged me and said she would take better care of it. I'll find out in a few months if she meant it or is a budding sociopath.

I fixed one railing, gluing the spindles, rail, and newel post back into place. The other staircase had its spindles and rail, most spindles and the rail needed regluing. However, one newel post was missing and I told sis I couldn't do much without it, since the newel post holds the whole thing together. I have an extra that I can send, but sis will have to reassemble it. Ha! Reassembling a staircase is wicked hard, so maybe this will teach my sister a lesson, too!

Ebay has some cute fancy fencing selling real cheap. I ca make a pretty heardboard from it. I'll take before and after pics, but with my camera woes, who knows if I can share the pics?

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I feel for you Jeri! We pour our hearts and souls into these houses and them someone tears them up? Gee, no thanks. Good for you that you told your niece the way it is. Sounds like your sister is one of those "Mommy doesn't it like it when you. . ." kind of moms. Too many parents would rather be a friend than a parent, IMO. It's probably the best thing you could do for your niece.

Glad you had a fun trip and found some goodies!

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Welcome home! Glad you got tons of great goodies. I agree about your neices house. I am helping my cousins fix up theirs that had been a hand me down gift from my aunt's friend. It was in awful condition. Don't understand how people can let their kids ruin a work of art like that.

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That's how I got DS#2's fiancee hooked on minis! She wanted the ARthur to give her niece for a Christmas gift, but when they came to visit the first thing that happened was the nephew walked up to the house and began pulling the roof trim off (I glued it back on when we visited); so DSF decided to keep the house herself, and lets the niece play with it whenever she visits (which is why there are no more seashell bathroom fixtures...) NO ONE plays with the McKinley except DSF & ME!

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