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okay, I can't cuss here.

son #2 nearly passed out again this evening with the back pain meds.

I feel terrible because he complained of a severe headache when I got home from work. We knew he could take a certain pain reliever, so we gave it. He nose dived downward from there. one of my sibs is a Pharm Dr, so we called for a consult. The dose is just too strong for his body weight

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orthopedic doctor is scheduled for monday morning. Yesterday Kellan stayed in bed and just slept. Older brother was his caretaker while we were at work. He got some extra fluids in him and stayed close by so he could shower but be heard if he got dizzy and needed help. I'm just so tired of this poor kid having to take pain medication for his back. For the last 2 years he's been under the care of our family doctor, but for 5 years before that he was seen by oncologist and orthopedic doctors. We are being sent back to the bone doc to see how the two collapsed vertebrae are looking and to see if there are changes in his scoliosis, so maybe on monday we'll know more. I won't be surprised if the course of action is surgery at this point, but we'll see. Thanks for listening to this momma's rant. Life sure is unpredictable.

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