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    I enjoy mini house construction of course, but also like dabbling in making furniture (mostly from kits), accessories and landscape. I like restoring old dollhouses (have done two). My youngest son (15) has now joined me in mini making and likes to construct military items (also does most of my electrical wiring). My hubby is a model train hobbyist, so we have plenty of mini tools (hooray!). <br />I'm a knitter and artist (pencil, mostly) in addition to working at our public library. I'm a member of a very active local miniature club.

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  1. bookmarm

    family and my other hobbies

    when I can't 'mini', I knit and draw. These are some of the colored pencil drawings and lace shawls I've made.
  2. our feline daughters and long suffering Ms Ollie pup...and adopted old 'son'
  3. bookmarm

    Other houses...

    I've built or restored. They range from tiny 1:144 to 1:12 large Brownstone that's in our public library children's room
  4. bookmarm


    I'm just getting started making a few dolls, under the guidance of a mini club member
  5. bookmarm

    RGT Lincoln house progress

    figurines from the Historical Society "Great American Women" series. 11 arrived today and were inspecting the RGT Lincoln house progress and the Bespaq furniture in the lighted display. There's also a pic of the Demon A, who can sleep anywhere...on top of anything (clamps/blades/files and paint pots do not keep her from napping)
  6. bookmarm


    My finished Fairfield. I was very happy with the stenciled brick foundation. The chimney was my first brick project and I learned from my mistakes on it.
  7. bookmarm


    dental visit with the maxillo/facial surgeon today who drilled a big hole in our bank account for the implant to come! Why do we need teeth? Can't we just live on milkshakes after age 50? They'd be a whole lot cheaper than one tiny little piece of metal screwed financially painfully in place over the course of 6 months.
  8. bookmarm

    The library dollhouse

    the big house in the CR at the main library has been decorated for Fall/Halloween. What'ya think? As I was snapping photos, patrons and my mini club members were busy visiting it. It's fun to watch the faces peering in through the case!
  9. bookmarm


    I don't have a lot of photos of the early stages, but it was a fun house to build.
  10. bookmarm


    finally got an album together for my very first GL house
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