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    I enjoy mini house construction of course, but also like dabbling in making furniture (mostly from kits), accessories and landscape. I like restoring old dollhouses (have done two). My youngest son (15) has now joined me in mini making and likes to construct military items (also does most of my electrical wiring). My hubby is a model train hobbyist, so we have plenty of mini tools (hooray!). <br />I'm a knitter and artist (pencil, mostly) in addition to working at our public library. I'm a member of a very active local miniature club.

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  1. took Easter lunch to my mom and finished installing the new washer for her. She and I talked further about her moving to an assisted living spot near us. She is 93. I think she is ready, but afraid she won't like it. It is a nice friendly place where the residents seem engaged in activities and very well cared for. We've visited there twice with her and had good vibes about the quality and care. Her memory and hearing continue to fail, so it would be a relief to know she is in a spot where she can be around folks, 3 meals a day, have options for activities, and her blood pressure med given on
  2. bookmarm

    family and my other hobbies

    when I can't 'mini', I knit and draw. These are some of the colored pencil drawings and lace shawls I've made.
  3. our feline daughters and long suffering Ms Ollie pup...and adopted old 'son'
  4. bookmarm

    Flop house view

    Bea, I noticed Casey in one of your photos. How precious! Ms Ollie is 19 years old, but still has plenty of energy. We got her when she was 9 at a local pet rescue. We were told she'd been a puppy mill momma who was dumped at the facility by the owners. Their loss has certainly been our gain because she is a wonderful sweet pup! Even the cats love her (don't always love each other, but they love Ollie....).
  5. Thank you! It was a fun little house to build and I enjoyed putting the furniture kits together as well (most of the ready made furniture was discounted when a store went out of business).
  6. finally got back in the mood to 'mini', so I thought I'd start the DC SFranciscan kit a friend gave me a while back. Opened it to discover first 3 sheets are MIA. Packed it back up. Too cold to work down in the basement where most of my minis are set up, so thinking of hauling the Beacon Hill up to work on. The frame is mostly together, but I don't have much space to work on it upstairs. Sigh. I may lose my mini mood to frustration.
  7. bookmarm


    Ray always thinks it's dinnertime! He's a very droll fellow and keeps this expression most of the time. I think he's concentrating on listening for a can opener. He has super hearing powers.
  8. I think most of our staff at the library have colds. Patrons bring back books they've had at home while recovering, so no wonder we all are sick. We keep hand sanitizer by each desk. My sons had this last week. A co-worker suggested Advil Cold and Sinus, which has given me some relief. It's one of those meds you have to ask for at the pharmacy counter now. Sons brought back "Feel Better" chicken and spinach wonton soup from a restaurant last night. They have it listed by that name on the menu.
  9. Kathie, I feel your pain! I dread dress-up events. When I can't get out of them I usually opt for a black base-layer (dress/tights/shoes) and a fancy shawl or scarf..maybe fastened with a nice brooch. I have a foot issue, as well, so I go for simple flat slip ons. I'm not a shopper and I hate malls, but we do have a few great consignment shops near by that often have just the thing for far less cost. Good luck!
  10. Anna, the bathroom looks so beautiful! I love the blue tile! I'm home with a head cold, so am working on the Micheal's puzzle house villa. I can't tell if it is closer to 1/2 scale or 1/4. I couldn't replace the front door with a 1/2 scale HW, because the opening is too small. The front rounded turret definitely improved with small square wood trim in the areas the pieces meet. I haven't completely figured the staircase out yet. Still working out the colors of inside walls.
  11. Home with a head cold today, so catching up with laundry and pet cleaning. Sons are home with me so they may not be aware they will be my chore slaves to clean bunny hutches and litter pans. Surprising how much snow is still on lawns in our neighborhood from the Christmas night storm. It got us cracking on gathering some warm stuff to bundle in when Jim and I head to Yellowstone mid January for a week. This is our birthdays/anniversary/Christmas gift to each other this year. We'll be staying in lodges and traveling by snow coach. Jim has already ordered a few things from Landsend and Bean,
  12. had "Condensed Christmas Dinner" from leftovers. Tasty even the second go round. Hubby braved the SC snow and hit the grocery store for some extra items.
  13. since we had a snow day, I stayed home and started the Fantasy Villa (Creatology puzzle house) from Micheal's. I'm going to de-gewgaw it quite a bit. The turrets and trim are just too over the top. Sadly, the front door can't be replaced with a HW one like I could in the puzzle house that looks like a Tennyson.
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