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  1. thought about adding an access door, but decided the attic was large enough without it in my FF
  2. GL houses are much more challenging to build than most company's, but the details make it so worth the time. The wood is thinner, and the parts are numerous. They are "drama queens" and fight back, at times, but the trade back is that they aren't boring square boxes. My Beacon Hill is still only partially built because she's pouting about extensions I'm making in some rooms, and she and I agreed to take a step-away. I'm building a GL Brimbles Mercantile (will be a small public library, instead of a store) right now.
  3. Beautiful little gal! Congrats!
  4. took Easter lunch to my mom and finished installing the new washer for her. She and I talked further about her moving to an assisted living spot near us. She is 93. I think she is ready, but afraid she won't like it. It is a nice friendly place where the residents seem engaged in activities and very well cared for. We've visited there twice with her and had good vibes about the quality and care. Her memory and hearing continue to fail, so it would be a relief to know she is in a spot where she can be around folks, 3 meals a day, have options for activities, and her blood pressure med given on
  5. just ordered the Brimbles. I've been wanting that one forever. I plan to make it a library
  6. Hi Holly!!! Have missed all of you!! Many months of trying to get my 93 year old mom better hearing aids and decisions on assisted living places. Emotional roller coaster for all of us. Glad to be mini-minded again!
  7. Congrats to you and Chris!!! I've been away and hadn't seen your news until this morning! Both of mine were c-sections (first was an emergency, the second son stayed breach to the end). I know you can't wait for that little one to arrive!
  8. CHEERS for YOU!!!! Congrats and keep it up!!! I know it isn't easy, but what a wonderful goal!
  9. bookmarm

    family and my other hobbies

    when I can't 'mini', I knit and draw. These are some of the colored pencil drawings and lace shawls I've made.
  10. From the album: family and my other hobbies

    asleep on a pillow. Peaceful, which is not common among our felines.
  11. From the album: family and my other hobbies

    I've tried to draw her from previous pictures, but wasn't happy with the results. Got a better reference photo this time, and am happier about how the drawing turned out.
  12. Welcome! The Glencroft is a wonderful house! Probably my favorite to build so far! Love the idea of a modern one.
  13. From the album: four legged sons and daughters

    oldest sons girlfriend spotted these two at a petstore. The family had gotten a new dog, and gave up the bunnies. The hutch/supplies and bunnies were left for the petstore to get rid of for a very (!!!) small price. GF can't take them home for awhile, so they live in our living room and are visited by her two small children. Meet Sophie and Chloe.
  14. our feline daughters and long suffering Ms Ollie pup...and adopted old 'son'
  15. bookmarm

    Flop house view

    Bea, I noticed Casey in one of your photos. How precious! Ms Ollie is 19 years old, but still has plenty of energy. We got her when she was 9 at a local pet rescue. We were told she'd been a puppy mill momma who was dumped at the facility by the owners. Their loss has certainly been our gain because she is a wonderful sweet pup! Even the cats love her (don't always love each other, but they love Ollie....).
  16. I just doubled back and saw that you've posted for a copy of the instructions in the past week. Sorry to have missed that, but we we've just gotten back from vacation. Let me know if you still need them. I'll be glad to send a copy.
  17. Chylon, it would be wonderful to have traced outlines of the pieces on those 3 sheets! Do you need the building instructions for this house? I'd be glad to copy and mail them to you? Do you have the same model #?
  18. Thanks Audra. I'm missing the entire sheets 1,2,3 which include base floors and pretty important to start. If the previous owners had left the punched out frames, I might be able to recreate them, but I think I'm just out of luck on building this house kit. Some of the other sheets are missing some pieces, but I could trace and recreate those. I was really getting inspired to start this one, so I'm disappointed. I've sent an e-mail to the previous owner to ask if she might have started it and have the sheets still around, but I think it's very unlikely.
  19. Thank you! It was a fun little house to build and I enjoyed putting the furniture kits together as well (most of the ready made furniture was discounted when a store went out of business).
  20. well, Kimberly, at least you know where all the pieces up till this point will go! Sorry you have to start over, but sounds like you have great motivation! I made my FF a few years ago and really love that little house. There are some photos in my gallery. It is a booger to wallpaper and paint if it's already together, so try to get primer on the inside pieces before gluing the walls together. I especially remember how hard it was to get a paintbrush down the upstairs hallway when I was doing touch-ups. Good luck and enjoy the build!
  21. I've never used a sealer. I mostly use scrapbooking paper or good quality dollhouse wallpaper. I haven't seen a problem. Have always used Grandma Stovers to attach it.
  22. finally got back in the mood to 'mini', so I thought I'd start the DC SFranciscan kit a friend gave me a while back. Opened it to discover first 3 sheets are MIA. Packed it back up. Too cold to work down in the basement where most of my minis are set up, so thinking of hauling the Beacon Hill up to work on. The frame is mostly together, but I don't have much space to work on it upstairs. Sigh. I may lose my mini mood to frustration.
  23. bookmarm


    Ray always thinks it's dinnertime! He's a very droll fellow and keeps this expression most of the time. I think he's concentrating on listening for a can opener. He has super hearing powers.
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