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Roof's ON!


Well, I needed help because even my good hand isn't strong enough to do the heavy assembly any more, but Zeb let me borrow his hands to do the job. We didn't even argue (much) and he did everything my way for a change!

Anyway, the roof is on! I stuck the two little windows into the gable and dorm, just to see how they looked: I didn't glue them in, though...I have lots to do on the dormer and gable's surface before I do that.

I've also primed the exterior, but not all of the interior. I'll be doing that this week. The exterior will not get finished until I'm sure I no longer have to turn the house on its side or back. As yet I have to put the false roof slope on each side, but that can wait a few days, and it will mean lying the house on it's side till the glue dries.

For the first time, the build feels like a house instead of a shelving unit, LOL. Yay! Everything's taking shape in spite of my lousy *&%&$&$ hand issues. Bless Zeb for doing my 'dirty work' for me. Woot!

From the album:

A. Moggie Manor, Home to the Bellz sisters.

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Jeanne, it's looking so good -- really coming along if you will. Oh, and I think I'm in love with that fireplace of yours, love the way that turned out! So glad you're still able to get your "house work" done while the hand's acting up. Give Zeb a hug for all of us, for making it so you are still able to post eye candy with the house going together. Cheers to the both of you! :flowers:

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