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  1. You can get plexiglass at places like Home Depot and Lowes. In many cases you can have them cut it to order.
  2. Hey I think it's adorable! Bravo! And I once owned a real life house that had green shakes for 'siding'.
  3. Ohhh Jackie...the elephant cake is my very favorite! LOL when you said 'edible minis', I thought for a minute you were making stuff YOU could eat! *Brainfart, ack* Only a week and a half till my son and grandson arrive from Phoenix...and after they leave, I can get down to some serious mini work! Christmas is on it's way, and since I have the outside of Moggie Manor pretty much done, I need to think about holiday decorations! I've already put together a really nice christmas tree that just needs decorating. I can put it out on the balcony of MM since it's an East Side Town House.
  4. I'm way behind on my mini-work. I've been pretty ill, with multiple health issues. It's been a very rough year, so everything has been put on hold, including Moggie Manor, until I am able to play catch-up. Right now I'm recuperating from surgery on my legs, and have fallen so far behind in everything including mini-crafting In the meantime, I've been doing a bit of lurking whenever I am able to sit at the pc...WOW, you are all doing a fantastic job on your projects. Here's hoping I can get back into the swing of things in September. I love you all! Merri
  5. Quite a cozy kitchen! I love it!
  6. MerriMagic


    Whoa! I want a Real Life one of those! But I'd take a miniature too, hehe! Very cool!
  7. MerriMagic

    Cardstock siding

    It looks great! Who says you have to spend a ton of money to make a house look great? I'm filing this idea away for a future house, LOL!
  8. Boy, I bet nothing gets past these two without an observation! LOL!
  9. That fireplace and firebox are to die for! Excellent choice!
  10. Excellent color choice! It looks awesome!
  11. This poppet's eyes are fascinating...very real in their depth and twinkle. What a marvelous dollmaker you are, Jo. I haven't seen most of these beauties. W O W O W
  12. MerriMagic


    My bay windows are on the bottom. Struggled a looong time before deciding that, because both options are fun. I chose the bottom location for the window, because I wanted an upper balcony for a bedroom, so one of the Bellz sisters could let her kitties have some space to sit and watch the world from above! I can hardly wait to see the progress you make each week!
  13. MerriMagic

    Color Scheme

    I have this house! You're going to love it when it's finished! I see yours is the halfscale...I was so tempted to get that, buy my eyes are bad and it would be much harder for me to work on. Have fun, you're doing beautifully!
  14. MerriMagic


    What a cool front porch! Yup, it's a keeper all right!
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