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  1. Funny, I've been working on this house the last few days and how much my thought process has both stayed the same in wanting to try new to me techniques -- but also how some of what I tried I just didn't like, like this ceiling...
  2. A Heather by G.E.L., I don't get to see these come up too often anymore: https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/for/d/the-heather-wooden-build-it-yourself/6836762363.html
  3. Hi all, been too long since I popped into to gab dollhouses! While scouring CL for a friend for minis, I've found a few here and there I thought some here may be interested in... First, CA folks -- this one's free: https://slo.craigslist.org/bab/d/los-osos-doll-house/6849706839.html Second one isn't a great price, and the spider decor did nothing for me -- but the house looks familiar to me, and could really be made into something special: https://sandiego.craigslist.org/esd/art/d/la-mesa-victorian-dollhouse/6832649255.html Alright next up is an oldie but goodie, and not a bad pri
  4. Bill, there is actually a seller on eBay their seller name is Austinnoggles or something along those lines and they offer a number of replacement Dura Craft parts, if they don't already offer what you need they're typically really good at making pieces to help you out.
  5. Not certain if this will work, but if there is anyone that lives near Malvern PA I'm looking at purchasing something -- but need someone near there that can pick it up for me and take it to FedEx for shipping. I just want furniture in a dollhouse, and whomever would pick it up is free to have the house as my gift for picking it up. It looks like a Model Homes house with a Model Homes addition on it, just not what I myself am interested in. If this isn't allowed my apologies right off!
  6. Between dealing with "mistake billing" by one doctor's office and still making appointments with specialists... haven't gotten the chance to do much. Thankfully still have my little A Frame I've been working on finishing up and have set myself the goal of finishing at least one thing a day on it as well as straightening out my shop space. My pup(profile pic) LOVES being a "Shop Yote" as the family in general calls her. lol However, when realizing that due to the resin getting under my base of my cord wood floor, I thought I may be able to plane down the resin and get it level enough to still w
  7. Christine, I may actually have a few of those. It's late here and we've been having more of the wilder wild animals around the house of late during the night, so won't be able to check until tomorrow. If I find the 5028's I'm more than glad to message you and let you know what I have.
  8. Welcome Christine! I have an ACP 1:24 scale Queen Anne as well as their 1:12 Ol' Mercantile, can't wait to see pics of your house!
  9. Alright, continuing on with what's still available if anyone else is interested: Chippendale Corner Chair kit no. 40037 Chippendale Day Bed kit no. 40043 Chippendale Sofa kit no. 40015 Queen Anne Fire Screen kit no. 40021 Hepplewhite Side Table kit no. 40004
  10. Alright, have already had a few spoken for so will just put updated list of what's still available here: Chippendale Corner Chair kit no. 40037 Chippendale Day Bed kit no. 40043 Chippendale 3 Drawer Chest kit no. 40011 Chippendale Sofa kit no. 40015 Chippendale Desk kit no. 40017(box is dented in but plastic wrap is in tact) Chippendale Chest of Drawers kit no. 40066 Queen Anne Table kit no. 40038 Queen Anne Candle Stand kit no. 40013 Queen Anne Fire Screen kit no. 40021 Queen Anne Side Chair(makes 2 chairs) kit no. 40082 Hepplewhite Side Table kit no. 40004
  11. When Sable mentioned her club was looking for some of these the other day it got me to thinking I do have lots of these in duplicate. So, I went ahead and pulled out 20 or so kits that are still in their original plastic wrap and have never been opened. Since her club has been incredibly blessed and gotten themselves taken care of on the kits, I thought I would offer these here, and if there's a kit someone is looking for that I don't have listed -- don't hesitate to PM me I may just have it. Figure it's always good to share with fellow Greenleafer's when we can! Chippendale Corner Chair
  12. No, you have to click on "listing" in blue at the top to see the link for the hot tub and deck kit he got. :)
  13. minikelli


    I have this one in a box waiting patiently under my work bench in the shop! Have to get the 12 or so projects I've currently got going pared down(read some finished and moved on) so I can get to the ones waiting. Going to look forward going through this album, as I truly have always loved the look of this build!
  14. minikelli


    Scrapbook paper, and went up really well. :)
  15. Thanks guys! Y'all have me blushing! lol
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