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  1. I have one of those in my Farm House jr but now they want way too much for one. I would love to find the stove also but again they are too pricey for me.
  2. Still redoing the beds in my farmhouse jr. Now I need new wallpaper to match the beds...
  3. Roxxie

    Front View

    OMG is my face red!!! I didn't even recognize it!!! I built the same cottage!!! DUH!!! You really did a great job on it!
  4. Roxxie

    Front View

    Darling! Did you add the siding or did it come with it?
  5. Hi Everybody! I' m back....decided to rework my VT Farmhouse Jr. I have been away from my minis for so while and now I a fired up to rehab my first time mistakes! Pictures soon I have a new camera that really gets the details.
  6. Jennifer I love the dog in your avatar! Beautiful! I am building the RGT 1 Country Lane. I am learning to "bash" the design with limited tools but what fun! Making or printing out almost everything is slow going lately but finally got my old computer running well enough to use my graphics programs. Holly, I am going to try and make my own braided/rag rugs for this house. Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend and please remember why we celebrate this holiday!
  7. I found a gorgious scrapbook collection today that I could use to build an entire house with! I am so excited! I put my Alison Jr away and started another house . Now I will definitly have to build the Alison just to use these papers! I have to go back tomorrow and try and get another book just to make sure I have enough paper. I have one more 50% off coupon! :thumb: What are you working on Holly?
  8. Hi Holly! Long time no see! I spend more time hunting down dang wallpaper! Does anyone else have this problem? I tried spray glue today on some paper. Its quick and holds well but the cat managed to get into it so now I have wallpaper full of cat hair.... Are all the old gallery pictures still saved somewhere? I lost all my albums!!!!!!!! I am not sure where to start to post again. Have a nice night!
  9. Thanks Brae, its been quite a while since I have been in here. I am totally LOST! lol The Gallery is my favorite feature of the forum. I hope they get it worked out soon.
  10. Hi Everyone! I am back! The place is lookin better but I am not use to it yet! I can't get the Gallery to load ....what's the trick? I am building RGT 1 Country Lane, front opening house. I always wanted to do a front opening house. I will have to do a lot of reading to catch up. Have a nice afternoon.
  11. Roxxie

    Barn Cat!

    Thats a funny looking horse inside your stable!
  12. Elegant! I always love your dressed beds! So many ideas! :wub:
  13. Roxxie


    Looks good! You are a neat builder!
  14. I like the additions you have made to this house! The window in the kitchen really looks classy!
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