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    and of course had to add the Twilight Saga!
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  1. LLyn M.


    Two "furbies" playing in the yard.
  2. LLyn M.


    Ha! She's full grown..9 yrs. old. Iggies..(Italian Greyhounds) are tiny.But pretty strong.She wrestles pretty well with Zack.
  3. I'm in Hillsboro,Texas..1/2 way between Dallas and Waco.
  4. I'm in Hillsboro,Texas...1/2 way between Dallas and Waco.
  5. Whoa..that has to be the Neatest roof I have ever seen!! What with all the edges and all.Fantastic job!!
  6. Thanks all! I was nervous to try this paint idea...I knew exactly how I wanted it to look.And for once it came out right!!!
  7. Well, as a Naturalist I imagine Luna has her kids, animals and plants.But This little gremlin was my fave addition!!
  8. Yup!! This is my 2012 Entry! Lots of fun with this kit..Thank you,Dean...as usual!!<3
  9. LLyn M.

    Spring Fling 2012

    After Hogwarts,Luna Lovegood became a career Naturalist.Later in life she married a like Soul..Rolf Scamander.They had twin sons,Lorcan and Lysander.This is their home painted in "Camouflage Style" so passing Muggles will only see rolling hills and a bright sky with fluffy clouds.
  10. LLyn M.

    Roof Progress WEB

    Tudor...my very favourite!! This house is gorgeous!! I hope to someday own a Glencroft!!!
  11. LLyn M.

    Battery Corner WEB

    OOOoorrrrrrrr....you could use some of that waxy stuff that we use to stick furniture in place.Well, actually I think the magnet idea might just be the choice.Damn nice house!!!!!!!
  12. LLyn M.

    100 1113

    Your color choices knock me out!! I love pastels . Good job!!!
  13. LLyn M.

    100 1127

    Hi Bevand Martin!! Happy New Year!! Just saw this picture and went wild...lovely job!!!!!
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