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    Miniatures,Harry Potter,Dogs(have two rescue Greyhounds),cats(have four),all kinds of
    Fantasy realm,Led Zeppelin,cake..
    and of course had to add the Twilight Saga!
    The Wizard of Oz and balloons!

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  1. LLyn M.


    Two "furbies" playing in the yard.
  2. LLyn M.


    Ha! She's full grown..9 yrs. old. Iggies..(Italian Greyhounds) are tiny.But pretty strong.She wrestles pretty well with Zack.
  3. LLyn M.

    Spring Fling 2012

    After Hogwarts,Luna Lovegood became a career Naturalist.Later in life she married a like Soul..Rolf Scamander.They had twin sons,Lorcan and Lysander.This is their home painted in "Camouflage Style" so passing Muggles will only see rolling hills and a bright sky with fluffy clouds.
  4. LLyn M.

    New projects..2011

    New projects...not for a contest!
  5. LLyn M.

    Spring Fling2011

    Newest photos of newest contest..
  6. LLyn M.

    Minis I've made

    Different items I've made from scratch
  7. LLyn M.

    Spring Fling 2010

    Contest entry for SF 2010.. Hogwart's Owl Post
  8. LLyn M.

    October Contest

    My entry for the October Fall Contest
  9. LLyn M.

    Emma and Jack in Texas

    A Wee couple's adventures in the big state of Texas.
  10. Laurel Shell with Dormers...Beginning of Sugarplum..
  11. Wow, I'm thinking that you might never see this reply...I wasn't even in the Greenleaf World when you did this! But I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Medieval Chapel made out of the Orchid kit!!!! I love medieval-tudor most of all.I also hope to one day make something that I like as much as your Chapel.WTG!!!
  12. LLyn M.

    Spring Fling 2009

    I'm trying a little bigger view of my Vicarage,from the English Civil War, (1646).It's based on Parson Hawthyn's Vicarage from my fave book,"The White Witch" by Elizabeth Goudge.
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