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  1. Alexander

    Chawton roombox

    As a true & loyal fan of Miss Austen I decided to make a roombox inspired by her last and beloved home (now museum) at Chawton cottage in England.
  2. Alexander

    Biedermeier Parlor

    I decided to create a Biedermeier Viennese middle class parlor. I used some items from my collection & a sofa, a Bespaq side table & a fabulous square pianoforte I bought from ebay. I found and print suitable wallpaper and some family portraits.In addition my biedermeier lady was ordered on Cavalcade Costume Dolls. I also found an Australian mini artist to build from scratch a tile-stove!
  3. Alexander

    Regency Corner

    I've used hardboard and fabric to create a small corner inspired by Regency era.
  4. Alexander


    Indeed! Lovely shot here!
  5. Alexander

    Ceiling lamp installed

    Looks so cozy! Lovely bedroom!
  6. Alexander

    Ceiling in progress

    What a fine point of view! Love the wooden panels!
  7. Alexander

    Rsz dsc01659

    What a lovely room!
  8. Alexander


    Thank you for your kind comments dear Mini-friends!
  9. Alexander


    Amazing! Love the armchair too!
  10. Alexander

    Nearly finished

    Like a fairy tail... Love it!!!
  11. It is very elegant dear! Keep up the good work despite the heat (it' is also here in GREECE very hot this time of year...)
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