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  1. Bea Killion

    The Cheltenham

    Front opening Cheltenham dollhouse
  2. Bea Killion


    I'm still having problems with putting pictues on. I get one on, then I try to put another on and it doesn't work. I don't get it. I have a few projects that I'd like to put on, but so far it's hit or miss.
  3. Bea Killion


    Thanks. He is a total lap dog. He makes me feel better when I start missing my Crystal. It's still so painful. She was my angel.
  4. Bea Killion

    my girls (doggie girls)

    Here's a few pictures of all my doggies
  5. Bea Killion

    RGT Build Along

    :wub: You did a great job with this. Love it
  6. I started working on the Newbury by RGT. So far it's a great house to work on. It's all plywood, so it's easy to pick up and move around. The only thing I'm not crazy about iis the way the ceiling slants on the second floor. It's hard to figure out where to put furniture. I'll try to post pictures soon. Also working on the SP, waiting for items to arrive to add to it.
  7. Nice Paper in your bathroom. I have the same thing in my RL family room.:thumb:
  8. Your house looks like a RL house! It's incredible!
  9. Bea Killion

    RGT's Classic Bungalow

    This is the 1:12 bungalow. I've wanted this house since the first time I saw it. Finally got it with the Valentines Day sale at HBS
  10. Bea Killion


    Love your doggies. Very sweet.
  11. I'm working on the RGT's build a long house right now while I'm waiting for my Spring Fling kit to arrive. I still have some items to add to my Bungalow, including curtains for the kitchen and livingroom. I bought a porch swing for it, but the chains are too long, so I'm waiting for my dh to fix for me so I can hang it up. I did buy a wicker chair and ottoman for the porch also.
  12. They really came out ni :wub: ce, love the cushions and pillows
  13. Bea Killion


    Another great job April! I love it, it's so adorable. You're so good with tiny spaces.
  14. Bea Killion


    Love the way your did this house. The stonework is great!
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