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  1. Your egg carton floor looks awesome!!! I like the depth of color and texture.
  2. Is there a trim you recommend? I’ve used the wooden ones that you cut, but I am wondering if there is something adhesive. Time to learn some wood cutting skills!
  3. I realize I should have wallpapered and wrapped it around the edge of the inside roof, but I couldn’t get it to fit properly with the extra layer of paper/adhesive. Any suggestions for how to finish this edge where the inside wall papered roof meets the inside of the painted dormer? I was thinking clear nail polish, but I’m wondering if some sort of stripping would look better? This is a picture of the edge I’m talking about.
  4. They do not respond to bad words and dirty looks though. It doesn’t help that my normally aloof kitty wants to be in the middle of the building action.
  5. I’m enjoying reading what other people are working on and I’ve been exploring all the galleries. I went into obsess mode this weekend and had to make myself stop. My Orchid is turning into a little beach cottage and I’m having so much fun. I got to dry fit, prime, paint, and wallpaper some interior and I’m working on a tile bathroom floor. Guess what my next house will definitely not have?...Eaves or dormers!!! Much glueing consternation with those bad boys.
  6. So cool! I love the high pantry shelf, it’s a great use of space. I can’t imagine having to keep a stove burning to cook. What a cool present!
  7. Thanks! I think I’ll try both on a little test square and see what turns out. Now to brave the stores on a Sunday...
  8. Hi there - I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I searched the topic in the forums and I saw the awesome end results but not the steps to do it. I’d like to do a linoleum type of floor in the bathroom and kitchen. I’m still really new and still learning. Any recommended patterns or what to put on top to give it the texture? I tried scrapbook paper and Modpodge but it got too soggy and curled, it didn’t get thick like I wanted it to. Am I missing some vital step? (Probably ;)) I’m looking for something you would find in a 60s or 70s type house, but not over the top. Like the type of linoleum you find at mom’s/grandma’s house.
  9. Hi, new member here and wanted to introduce myself. I built a Harrison for my daughter several years ago; and although I was in over my head for a first timer, I enjoyed myself so much I wanted to build another one although I couldn’t justify building one if I wasn’t making it for someone (I’m not a collector (yet)). It’s been about 8 years, but I’m jumping back in with an Orchid kit that I’m kind of envisioning as a beach cottage. I’m excited for my winter project and really grateful for all the expertise and inspiration I’m finding here. I live in Virginia just outside of Washington DC.
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