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Bucilla Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose Crib Blanket

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I just received the Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose crib blanket.  I've done many stamped cross stitch blankets.  This kit has 2 packets of floss, but they aren't numbered.  I've tried to order a skein of each color online but so many companies are out of several of the colors needed.

If you've made this blanket, who did you know what floss number the colors were?  Did you guess?

Thank you in advance.



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I'm going to guess that you found this forum because of my blog... otherwise it's a big coincidence! (We mainly talk about miniatures here, not cross stitch, although I did post about it back in 2021 when I needed finishing advice.)

You need to separate the floss by color, and then compare the number of strands of each color to the numbers of strands listed on the chart to figure out which color is which. Do this in good light since some of the colors are close to each other.

It helps to look at the yard count for each color and separate them based on that. In my kit, one hank had longer strands than the other and the long ones had to be cut down to yard length. There were no colors mixed between the hanks -- all strands of one color were packaged in the same hank. So I divided them up based on color and length, and then I compared the number of yards I had to the key to figure out which color was which.

Feel free to message me if you have other questions. I also have a corrected version of the chart that I can send you (the one that came with my kit had errors on it).

Btw here's a picture of my finished crib cover.



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