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House of Miniatures and some other stuff

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Hi Everyone!  It's been a while since I've posted on the forum but I have been lurking a bit.  I have decided that my piles of "stuff" are a bit out of hand so I'm going to keep some select items but get rid of the rest.  I have one or two House of Miniature furniture kits and before listing them elsewhere I thought I would give first dibs to everyone here.

Here's the list. Sorry it's not in numerical order. The number in () is the amount of the kit I have. Most of them are still in plastic wrap.

House of Miniatures
40031 Chippendale Bench (3)
40044 Lyreback Chair (2)
40012 Chippendale Nightstand (2)
40036 Hepplewhite Serpentine Table (2)
40021 Queen Anne Fire Screen (1)
40013 Queen Anne Candle Stand (3)
40039 Queen Anne Tea Table (1)
40001 Closed Cabinet Top (2)
40002 Open Cabinet Top (1)
40034 Dower Chest (2)
40032 Chippendale Hanging Shelf (2)
40028 Straight Leg Chippendale Chair (4)
40027 Cabriole Leg Chippendale Arm Chair (1)
40026 Cabriole Leg Chippendale Chair (1)
40037 Chippendale Corner Chair (2)
40007 Side Chair (2)
40083 Queen Anne Arm Chair (1)
40040 Chippendale Open Arm Chair (1)
40035 Hooded Cradle (1)
40016 Chippendale Wing Chair (1)
42403 Chippendale Looking Glass (1)
40043 Chippendale Day Bed (3)
40006 Hepplewhite 3 Piece Dining Table (2)
40011 Chippendale 3 Drawer Chest (2)
40009 Chippendale Chest On Chest (2)
40017 Chippendale Desk (2)
40010 Chippendale 6 Drawer Chest (2)
40019 Chippendale Dry Sink (2)
40022 Chippendale Straight Top Highboy (1)
40050 Chippendale Serpentine Chest (1)
40055 Queen Anne Settee (2)
40038 Queen Anne Table (3)
40004 Hepplewhite Side Table (3)
40049 Chippendale Candle Stands (1)
40047 Hepplewhite Candle Stands (1)
42404 Chippendale Pier Glass (1)
40008 Queen Anne Tilt Top Table (3)
40014 Chippendale Canopy Bed (3)
40033 Chippendale Low Post Bed (5)
40060 Single Low Post Bed Chippendale (1)
40015 Chippendale Sofa (1)
40056 Hepplewhite Corner Wash Stand (1)
40057 Chippendale Fire Screen (1)
40030 Chippendale Double Chair Settee (1)
40062 Hepplewhite Cellarette (1)
40076 Hepplewhite Grandmother Clock (1)
40063 Swinging Cradle (1)
40080 Bookstand & Pedestal Desk (1)
40073 Slat Back Chair (1)

Also some misc furniture kits and house kits:
Shenandoah Designs Chippendale Collection Highboy #3012

Heritage Collection Realife Miniatures Kitchen (still in plastic wrap)

Ernie's Bus Kit

DuraCraft Manchester Country House

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Hello again!  The House of Miniature kits are no longer available.

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