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  1. Starting a new set this is my inspiration. Will be in cherry with leather cushions. I have some really beautiful golden leather I am going to stamp a southwestern design in and color with dye markers
  2. Under that black smear on the bottom is my name stamped just need to clean it off
  3. Yes the sulfer tarnishes the silver. Artificial patina. Takes some of the newness away but I didn't try it yet Still some lettering inside the bowl I might leave it on this one just so for me
  4. I am polishing the outside smooth then will add the "hammer" marks. I am learning a lot from this one; one good thing about silver is you can just reshape it over and over The first thing I learned is I need more tools and some larger daps. I also want to play with adding a patina which I know eggs are good for. I have also used egg whites as a wood filler for walnut knife handles under a oil finish
  5. Do tell you know I collect coins but I don’t mind smashing a Roosevelt coin. It isn’t a partisan thing I’m just one of those that thinks putting a president on a coin is too monarchical for a republic.
  6. Hammered out a rough shape now to start refining it coin on left modified one on right the coins are all pre 1964 so 90% silver - pricey little things
  7. Jewelry making tools. I sent for some coin silver (90% silver 10% copper) will post some photos as I begin working it
  8. I just bought this dapping set am going to try my hand at some silver hammered craftsman style bowls and hammered metal fittings
  9. depth is probably the wrong word. Actually both are made from 1/32 strips they just look deeper on the smaller stool. this is what i am think of actual on the left thought on the right i think it matches the paneled look of the settle better
  10. The panels on the couch are 90% the depth of the legs I am thinking if I did something similar on the footstool so it looked more like a paneled cube
  11. i made a little panelled footstool to match the panelled couch - should have made the panels deeper
  12. Looking forward to seeing it. I was wondering about printedmission style wall tiles
  13. finished this one learned a lot the production versions will be nicer
  14. I always liked English gentlemen detective stories and tv shows. Sherlock Holmes, Lord Peter Whimsey, etc. Reginald Fortune is my particular favorite I have most or all of his stories. You can read some for free here http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/3131
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