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  1. It’s where I got the tacks I used here. I need to order some more I like how they look on the chair and I had an idea to use them to make a padded back similar to what I did here.
  2. Look at all these neat little bits that could be used to dress up southwestern furniture https://www.riorondo.com/hardware/conchos.html
  3. Coming together I need to make and add leather cushions The oil is still a little wet here The back has a burl panel to match the legs I think I have enough tacks left to do a matching footstool although veneering the smaller legs will be interesting I like to think I captured some of the southwestern "flavor" in a mission style although I am not sure how it matches up to the original
  4. Not sure what I like better under the oil finish - the quarter sawn cherry on the arms or the madrone burl on the legs anyway a little cleanup and on to the backrest then the cushions
  5. Not mine it is the sample I am basing mine on. Mine will be here shortly it is in progress
  6. Top to bottom burl legs still needing veneer trimming. i expect the oil finish will really make the grain pop out the leather covered stretchers one has a row of tacks the others still to do and the leather covered seat cushion base still needs some final trimming i see
  7. I am having so much fun with this will post some pics tomorrow. Most of what I build lately are from the plans book and although I enjoy it, and modify it a little, the goal there is to replicate the historical accuracy to a degree and stick to the plans, this one I am just making it up as I go. I made up four legs by laminating craft sticks as a core and am veneering them on the four sides with madrone burl. Madrone, being a California/Oregon wood seems perfect for Southwest style. The stretchers are wood covered with goatskin leather and will have a row of tacks. The arms are quarter sawn ch
  8. So I am doing a version of a Southwestern style chair for fun and to see if I can. I am basing it on this one but will be putting my own slant on it and using what I have on hand as opposed to sourcing parts. I will be using goatskin leather, quarter sawn cherry, some bass or other wood for the slats, and steel studs. Mine will be different but hopefully capture the flavor of the original. I am also looking at using some madrone burl
  9. working on spring cushions made a frame from 1/4 x 1/16 added supports for the springs and epoxied them in. Then two layers of cotton padding and now on to the goatskin covering
  10. I have been specializing in mission furniture lately and it is very similar unless you want the heavily carved examples. Look at my mission furniture thread and you can see some simple designs I have been making lately. Most are "test" pieces as opposed to something I would want to sell but I do use quarter sawn cherry, goatskin leather, etc.
  11. Thanks everyone. I should have thought there are a lot of model airplane kit cutters that do this exact small lot laser cutting on thin wood my other option is photo etch brass but I hit some of the same issues who does small lots
  12. Hi Shannon l’m not really in a hurry and only looking to try a few small pieces, maybe 2” x 3”, about that size, so I don’t think postage would be much. nor does it need to be cherry really any thin hardwood would work What I’m not sure if is transferring my artwork to something you can use is something I can do. I have black lines on a white background but it is in a jpg file now. What format would you need?
  13. Or maybe a CriCut cutter? I don’t know how those are with tiny cuts
  14. Does anyone have one and are you interested in doing some simple custom designs? I have a few things I want to try on thin (1/32") cherry
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