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  1. it would be interesting with the translucent plastic displayed like that. I am trying to mimic Carrera marble with the white dental stone and make copies for sale.
  2. It is a translucent plastic and yes this is what I will use to make a mold of using RTV silicone mold rubber.
  3. I will be doing this in a cast "marble" mixture of pure white dental plaster and powdered marble dust mixed together. The first step was a 3D model which I had printed by Shapeways and it is on the way. I also ordered some RTV mold material and associated supplies (clay, mold release, etc.) Overall height is 2.1" so slightly over a scale 2 foot tall in 1:12
  4. Boxed up and ready to mail it never even made it to the shelf to get dusty
  5. A lot of my paintings are here https://www.spminiatures.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=396
  6. I treat my prints with s mix of various matte and gloss acrylic mediums so I can vary the matte effect of the finish. Dab not paint it on and put it on really thin with multiple coats
  7. all done except a final coat of oil fun little project using scraps of burl and leather
  8. wouldn't it make a dramatic art deco version of a French empire bed? All that burl and nice clean lines even more interesting would be to curve the corner posts using laminated burl soaked and wrapped around a dowel to dry. all that madrone burl, curved lines, and a hand rubbed oil finish as maybe a full or queen size bed then a matching window seat across the end of the bed - and maybe a stool and dressing table to match all in burl. round mirror on the dressing table i might do it someday it's a lot of work on a set to give away
  9. yup the alkanet infused linseed oil makes it makes the burl pop. i sanded it to 1000 grit and have another coat of oil soaking in it ends up smooth as silk that way. doing the cushion today. then i can put it on the shelf, ignore it, and eventually give it away am finally getting back to the "marble" busts project I started working a while ago. i have these four ready to mold, Socrates, Ares, and two Venus (Canova's Italica and the Venus de Milo)
  10. shows better here but still some sanding, cleanup, and finishing to do
  11. No it’s too covered with the thick coat of oil - give it time
  12. No cushion yet and a sloppy coat of oil soaking in but i think you can see where it is going. I will let the oil soak some then sand it with the oil on it to fill the pores and add more oil. I think when done the burl pattern will show. A nice, simple, clean design with curves and burl wood almost reminiscent of "waterfall" style art deco.
  13. No lathe but I have chucked square stock in a drill to turn legs as they are only about 3/4" long it doesn't wobble like if you were trying a long piece
  14. I have been doing "paintings" for a bit and wanted to do a little project just for fun. I really like this window seat by Duncan Phyfe but it is a bit complicated for a quick project. I have some madrone burl and thin leather lying around so I started playing with designs using this as an inspiration. I was thinking of turning it into a mission style but I think with the burl I ended up with a more Art Deco type of vibe to it. My sketch is below it. I have the parts cut out should be done in a day or so and will post a photo
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