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  1. Not being a 3D expert but i think you could design each panel and there is something out there to help make a 3D print lithophane model from it. Then it would jut be to curve it, print each panel, maybe mold and cast in a suitable material, and assemble all panels into a dome Now if i really had money to burn i would make it full size. Could you imagine being inside a domes room with the sun shining and the gods appearing from the some, or outside with the inside lights on it at night and it glowing
  2. I had envisioned the dome as a lithophane with 12 panels for the 12 Olympian gods. Imagine lit from within how it would look at night, or inside with the sun shining on it the body of the building is round a modified Parthenon style was thinking white plaster on blue stucco like a Wedgwood jar. It is a garden “folly” or pavilion
  3. I have drawn hundreds of houses, floor plans, furniture, etc. Some I keep, some are detailed some mere sketches. Most won't get built but I have them in stacks here and there and some are kicking around
  4. Gold knobs would go good with the blue but I might swap in the burgundy also at the moment it’s in the glass case on a shelf not sure what I will do with it i think if I was going to make one for sale it would be more traditional - taller headboard shorter footboard even height sides - having done this one now I could do one right
  5. I learned quite a bit if I ever do another one it would be much better. but I will probably only do that if someone commissioned it
  6. Agreed I like the red with the wood but I think the blue with the green agate balls might be better. Blue and green seems to harmonize better than red and green but then again I am color blind
  7. Tried a beeswax/oil finish on top need to buff it off it is a little sticky Holly sent me some nice burgundy velvet then I found about two yards of royal blue cotton velvet I had, am undecided which I will use I love the grain and color though of the wood
  8. I was thinking of a good auto wax but now looking at Renaissance wax
  9. So I waxed the one I have but all I have on hand is a beeswax based wax. It really smooths up the plaster gives it a completely different and marble look but the beeswax added a slight yellow tint. What is a good, easy to get, clear paste wax or liquid wax I could use? One that would shine up but not yellow?
  10. Two things are supposed to help one is the vibrating table and the other mixing some "jet dry" rinse aid with water and lightly spraying the mold. It helps the air bubbles to release Short of that will need to go to a vacuum machine
  11. ok it looks really rough but for a first effort I am happy. I ordered a vibrating table which should help eliminate the air bubbles and need to work on my mold making and cast technique but it is a learning process
  12. I didn't like how the other one looked so I made it a shallow curve only the front is veneered so far
  13. I use a mix of matte and gloss medium, flow enhancer, and a dab of varnish. Three thin coats dapped on, not brushed. Many of them are here https://www.spminiatures.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=396
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