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  1. Mary S.

    Pastel Tiffani

    I found a NIB Tiffani by Radmark Industries, purchased for very reasonable price, started yesterday...
  2. Mary S.

    her instructions

    ty, she is loving it
  3. Mary S.


    thank you,Mike. Your work is so much better, it is all wonderful
  4. Mary S.


    You think? I am a very very new builder, but have been looking as some kits that open from the front/top. I have more plans...
  5. Thank you, I have tons of beads, scraps of mat and strip wood and paint.
  6. Mary S.

    Old Doll Wardrobe

    I got this piece of doll furniture for Christmas when I was 5 years old, so it is almost a real antique! It spent many, many years in my mother's attic, and has been sitting in my spare bedroom for about 3 or 4 more. As always, I am trying to eliminate clutter and unneeded "stuff" that I have collected or inherited. Just yesterday, this piece suddenly looked to me like a 1890 dress shop, with the shop downstairs and the sewing room up! It is 20h x 12w x 6 deep.
  7. True artistry! You are an inspiration
  8. I have used up most of the parts on my orchid that I started last week of pended the porch steps and floor blue and have ordered siding for the exterior so I'm waiting for that come I think I'm going to paint the shingles different shades of dark blue gray and the siding will be a soft yellow I think . Haven't decided yet what to do inside Nobili been in the kitchen downstairs in the bathroom in the bedroom upstairs I papered the dormers and cable and matching shades of blue I'll post pictures tomorrow maybe and pended all the other walls same boy that I have in my house I have plenty of paint
  9. Mary S.

    Furniture First

    Tried out as many different things as I could think of in short order. It was all fun, and easier than I expected, except for dolls.
  10. Mary S.

    Kitchen flooring

    so beautiful, so much work, i meant fun.
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