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  1. Mary S.

    Pastel Tiffani

    I found a NIB Tiffani by Radmark Industries, purchased for very reasonable price, started yesterday...
  2. Mary S.

    her instructions

    ty, she is loving it
  3. These are available at my local Lowes abt $12 for 12 inch sheet, on fiber mesh backing. Haven't purchased any, but definitely on to-do list.
  4. I've been looking for those, too. Even on line Micheals hasn't had any for several months. Local hobby Lobbys have some unfinished furniture.
  5. Mary S.


    thank you,Mike. Your work is so much better, it is all wonderful
  6. Mary S.


    You think? I am a very very new builder, but have been looking as some kits that open from the front/top. I have more plans...
  7. How wonderful!! Thanks for the ideas.
  8. Bet y'all thought I left. Oh no, been busy, busy busy. Work on real house (hired someone to do it, but I still had to move "stuff", so got rid of a lot of junk; this took 2 weeks. The Orchid is not really finished, still needs a few bits of trim, but must be 99.8% done. Working on furniture now. What I have will not fit in the kitchen, don't know for sure how to fix that. Will make the bay window a seat for lounging as well as seating for dining. Probably 2 small corner cabinets? for dishes etc. Any ideas/suggestions for decoration, furniture, or anything else will be greatly appreciated. I made a door knob for the front door, but will have to make another, 'cause now I cannot find the first one. Working on Kris C.'s shabby chic bed right now, then a wardrobe, night stand and dressing table, a comfortable chair and ottoman for the gable, with lamp and bookcase. I've really missed everyone and am glad to be back. Next up will be the remake of the doll's wardrobe into something pretty, probably a dressmakers shop.In the closet (now that there is room) is the Lafayette for later. It is also time to sew for back to school. Here is my lineup: girls Sara 17, Steff 15, Renee 14, Kaelie 8, Alana 5. Boys Jeremy 15, Andrew 6. The babies: Ansley 3, Petra 1, Aiden 1, Callie 2 and twin girls 5 months. The oldest graduated last spring. Some of these are foster kids, but I am grandma and claim them all while they are with us (not mine, my daughter).
  9. Thank you, I have tons of beads, scraps of mat and strip wood and paint.
  10. Mary S.

    Old Doll Wardrobe

    I got this piece of doll furniture for Christmas when I was 5 years old, so it is almost a real antique! It spent many, many years in my mother's attic, and has been sitting in my spare bedroom for about 3 or 4 more. As always, I am trying to eliminate clutter and unneeded "stuff" that I have collected or inherited. Just yesterday, this piece suddenly looked to me like a 1890 dress shop, with the shop downstairs and the sewing room up! It is 20h x 12w x 6 deep.
  11. Went to Hobby lobby for wallpaper, there was one roll with 20 and three other patterns. All the Paper Studio things were half price. Got some good pink and floor tile and a sheet of adhesive cork. And a big book of classic pattern paper with three sheets of each one. Wallpaper going on today.
  12. Thank you Kathie. I do electric in my real house, at least things like changing light fixtures and ceiling fans. how hard can a doll house be? Oh really?? The front roof with new cardboard shingles, dry fit very good. Will trim shingles a little more and make flashing for the angles.
  13. At the moment there is nothing assemble at all still working on the paint for the windows etc. but should have it together by maybe Wednesday I'll be going to Hobby lobby for wallpaper on Tuesday found some ceiling paper on eBay I have a question about wiring : can I put tape wire in now in case I want to add lights later not sure about doing that seems kind of advanced for somebody of my ineptness.
  14. I took a good look at it last week, and took it all apart. Completely. Dry fit much better with everything going the right way. Pictures to follow...
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