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  1. Gleise

    Beacon Hill

    A MDF 1/24ish, dollhouse Greenleaf Beacon Hill style. 37 Days of Work
  2. Gleise


    A MDF lasecut Rosedale-ish dollhouse, about 1/24 scale. 40 days of Work.
  3. Gleise


    thank you! it's a really cool kit.
  4. Gleise

    T-Yu Hawaii Villa DIY Dollhouse

    A adorable somewhat modern dollhouse 1/24-ish scale. 36 Days of work.
  5. Gleise


    nope it's a 1/24 ish
  6. Gleise

    Coventry 2

    A Coventry-ish half scale MDF Dollhouse form my Friend Grazy. 13 days of Work.
  7. Gleise

    Camper-Time Travel

    A little camper 1/24 ish scale. Some bashing as usual. About 54 days of work.
  8. Gleise

    Taft General Store

    The Half-Scale Laser cut Greenleaf Taft General Store - WIP
  9. YES!!! And turn some 1/12 dollhouse to 1/24 scale . A Garfield, a Beacon Hill, a Orchid, a Lily....etc...
  10. Gleise


    I have no idea.. they just got 'uploaded'. but I did pray to the Uploading Gods...
  11. Gleise


    YES! and all in just two batches... I am in awe!
  12. Gleise

    Modern Loft-Hoomeda M030

    A DIY kit of a modern loft with lights. Some bashing happened. 1/24 ish scale. 20 days of work
  13. Gleise

    Vineyard Cottage

    MDF half-scale dollhouse, Vineyard...ish Cottage style. Another pink dollhouse, for little cousin Isabelle Sophie. 15 days of work.
  14. Gleise


    nope... I found the images on the web and printed it out.
  15. Gleise


    Yes, unicorn galore! Isabelle Sophie loves them to the moon, and back!
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